Enjoying the warmth of Summer…

Hello girls,
I hope you are enjoying your Summer,
as much as I am.
Sure, there have been,
ups and downs this Summer,
I have been out and enjoying,
Making new friends,
tightening the bonds of old,
spending quality time,
with my mom,
with my Bff,
my love.

I still need to spend some time,
with close friends,
renew with long lost ones.
Lots of positives.
The negatives are much less,
I will find another job,
I will eventually feel,
less anger about,
being treated in such a cavalier way,
by people I used to call,
Not quite there yet, lots of anger,
but, anger is healthy,
as long as you know what it is,
and, not let it consume you. 
Rage, work through it, move on,
I am passed rage but, still working through,
not quite at moving on phase, I'll get there, soon

I've had fun,
seen lots of interesting events,
lots of sun,
and baring of legs,
shorts, baby, shorts:-)
I have been very good about,
my cardio and feeding,

By the time Fall rolls in,
I will have to find a new job,
look to new challenges.
But, it's only August
I put my Resume together,
this morning,
first step in finding a job,
to pay bills.

I feel better now,
about looking for a job,
than I did in 2013,
after I closed the bookstore,
I am healthier and stronger,
feel so much more confidence,
in my abilities,
in my experience.
I know who I am,
I know where I've been,
the future isn't scary,
it's just the future.

Chin up, put on your boots,
and walk into it,
that's my plan

But, for now,
I will enjoy,
the balmy, sunny days,
of August

Be well you all,
Later girls,

Another new phase … ahead

Hey you all.
hope you are all feeling,
soaking in the sunshine,
the vitamin D,
stockpiling for cooler,

This year,
has brought me,
a new appreciation of,
as you all know from,
reading about,

I had some disconcerting,
news this week,
the company I work for,
is closing.
Not a very good job, 
it has served me well,
through health issues,
grieving times,
but as of September 20 th,
I will need to have something,
Need to cogitate on that,
see what comes off,
the back burner.
I am not overly worried,
I am more worried about some,
of my colleagues,
who are more vulnerable,
possess less skills and experience.

This weekend, 
is about chillin.
Going to see Absolutely Fabulous,
today with a friend,
and then a burger at bff's place.

Tomorrow is is the Highland Games,
kilts and bagpipes,
ra ra ra bring it on

Enjoy your weekend.
Suck the marrow
Carpe Diem

Later girls,

Having fun and looking fly, that’s what I’m talking about

Hello all, hope you are enjoying,
your Summer,
staying cool, looking fly,

I have started thinking of 2016,
as the Summer of shorts,
not to preach,
I wouldn't do that,
if you live in a hot muggy climate,
liberate your knees,
wear some shorts.
Here one of my favourite menswear websites,
Valet.com makes the case,
Can't get the link to work but, if you go to Valet.com,
you can find the article.
personally I think they could have added,
the Flex Shorts from American Eagle Outfitters,
all of my shorts, except one pair, are the flex shorts,

and no,
no one is paying me for this,
I offer it up to my fellow butches,
and some dapper guys as an awesome,

It's also been,
the Summer of getting out,
and seeing some live music,
enjoying part of,
all that,
the beautiful ugly has to offer.
Summer in Montreal,
festival time,
Jazz Festival,
Just For Laughs,
Nuits D'afrique,
Highland Games,
Under Pressure,
and so much more.
For every body,
for every demographic,
for every proclivity,
for young and old,
for hip, for square.

I loved my visit to the,
Jazz Fest,
this year,
went to see,
Betty Bonifassi,
I enjoy her music,
with a newish friend,
who's company I much enjoy,
then there was a free show,
by a local funk band,
The Brooks,
they did an homage to,
it was the bomb,
I danced and danced,
it felt like I was,
hanging with my tribe.
I knew all the words,
lots of people my age,
it was a night to remember.

This weekend,
it was Nuits D'afrique,
some free Reggae and African beats,
hung out with my best pal,
and, my girl,
it kept raining,
I wasn't nearly as keen on the rain,
or the music as my girl was,
but, the food was good,
I enjoyed Lorrraine Klassen,
but, mostly,
my girl was so happy,
it made me happy,
sore feet,
are really not the end of the world.

This coming weekend,
Absolutely Fabulous,
with another,
newish friend,
and on Sunday,
The Highland Games with mom,
maybe Renaud and Helene,
lots to look forward to,
if I was a betting butch,
I would say there will be

Have a fun, you all,
leave the deep thoughts aside,
frolic and rest,
plenty of time for deep thoughts,
in the ...Fall

Later girls,

p.s. if you want to see pics of me in my shorts and other things follow me on Instagram, bookish butch

I like to call it…

Hello you all,
hope you are well,
still enjoying the,

I am doing well,
will soon be visiting,
with my lady,
but briefly with her,
is more than weeks,
with others,
quality time,
don't ya know:-)

Last night we,
were chatting,
me and my girl,
we were talking,

Some of you,
more recent readers,
may not know this,
about me,
I am a menswear fashion blog,
I love the blogs,
the websites.

This isn't recent,
it used to be,
GQ and Esquire,
it has become,
Dappered, Primer, Fashion Beans,
I follow people,
on Instagram,
on Pinterest,

They change,
they stop,
their focus changes,
I am not interested in,
I am not that kind of,
not that there is anything wrong,
with that:-)
I am more casual,
classic butch sportswear,
with a bit of the work wear vibe.
I love flannel, button downs,
t-shirts and boots,
vans and shorts,
baseball caps and flat caps.

My style evolves,
it also remains,
to blue oxford shirts and chinos,
as the epitome of look, of style.

I spend hours,
reading, perusing, shopping,
watching videos.
I enjoy shopping more,
now that I am slimmer,
I always loved it.

Some might call this,
a waste of time,
a hobby,
a vapid pursuit,
I like to think of it,
part of the,
building a better butch motif,

Be well, you all,
keep your tongues,
firmly planted in your cheeks.

Later girls,

reach for love

Last night,
another senseless act of "terror".
I put terror in quotation marks because,
it is an act of terror,
against people, but, it does not appear to be,
politically or religiously motivated.
It is hate motivated.

We live,
in a world,
where lots of people,
have hate in their hearts.
I imagine,
that hate comes from,
different places,
different hurts,
different slights,
different senses,
Ugly, sad, pathetic.

is a gorgeous place,
the south of France,
a beautiful country,
rich with history,
some of the best writers,
wine, perfume,
ideas and philosophies,
come from that,
great nation.

It is also,
a nation with a history,
of excluding many,
a history of colonialism,
and violent "reactionism",
all great nations,
small nations,
great and small,
are masses of contradictions.

Events such as these,
bring forth,
blood lust and blood thirst in people.
Families, children,
senselessly slaughtered,
on a day of national celebration,
why? what is the world coming to?

We must resist the blood lust,
it will only lead to more,
violence and exclusion,
we must change the world,
talk to each other,
embrace the fact that we all,
want very similar things,
peace, safety, joy, love.

I not only believe this,
I know it.
We change the world and opinions,
one person at a time.

Let us not reach for the fear,
and ugliness,
reach for hope and love.

Is you think that makes me,
a foolish optimist,
I say,
so what?

Have a good day everyone,
love each other,
make love,
not war

Later girls,

Building a better butch part 200…

Hello girls, 
I really hope,
you are having a dynamite
mine has been,
good, so far,
the shorts have helped me,
to cope with the heat,
which quite honestly,
has been tolerable.

Mom is good,
we miss the Dude,
and, look for him,
but, we know,
he is in a pain free land,
RIP my little furry friend

I have been working,
at building a better butch,
for some time.
The last few years,
mostly about the physical.
Sliming down,
eating well, 
giving up cigarettes,
surviving surgery,
all of it,
makes me feel strong.

I am also trying very hard,
to appreciate what I have,
bask in it,
That is harder,
The post menopause,
take over,
I go on tirades,
like I said,
I try to tone it down,
sometimes my success,

I am stubborn,
I am not dogmatic,
I grow,
I don't give up,
making up my mind,
can take forever,
making a new move,
processing grief,
it's all hard,
I am flesh and bone,
I am not Teflon,
nor do I wish to be.

Recently, I cleaned house,
it needed to be done,
it took me forever,
I gave lots of chances,
I justified to myself,
and, others,
being treated,
in a shabby fashion,
by saying, thinking
if I give up on that,
everyone will.
Fact is, sometimes,
people need wake up,
need to hit the bottom,
before they can push up.

And sometimes in the immortal words of Helen Mirren


Don't let people treat you badly,
don't treat people badly,
don't take shit.
I no longer,
for some bullshit sense,
of peace and civility,
 patronizing, sexist and homophobic remarks.

I am not quite at,
the fuck off,
I am getting there.

It's all part of building,
a better butch,
don't you know:-)

Later girls,

Shorts…who knew

Hope this post finds you all,
happy and healthy.

I am sporting a bit of a nasty,
shin burn today.
Yesterday, I went out walking,
in the insane heat, 
at the height of afternoon sun,
with my shorts.
I wore sunscreen but,
by the redness on my right shin,
in the back,
I think I might need practice,
in applying it.
That's ok with me,
shorts are my new thing.

Shorts..who knew??

Climate change has forced me,
to re-examine Summer wear,
body changes and increased,
confidence? Self-awareness?
Have allowed me, 
to take the step to wearing shorts.

I imagine a few of you,
probably, men,
are scratching your heads,
what the bleep is BB 'saying'?
I also feel quite confident,
that some of you, 
I am thinking mostly, women,
are nodding your heads,
totally getting what I am on about.

For years, I thought myself,
too fat and too pale skinned,
to wear shorts,
all of this is ridiculous,
why should any one body type,
have more rights than others, 
But, just as we internalize,
homophobia, sexism etc,
we internalize body hate.
More insidious than conscious.

I am not sure about this,
I think men are less,
with these issues,
but, then again they have,
all the: how a man should act,
shit going on.

My point is,
it's hot, and more and more,
here in my beautiful ugly,
hotter and hotter,
longer and longer,
so shorts are survival.
Melting is hard:-)

I am working on my body,
to be healthier,
I won't lie,
to look better as well,
I am vain, mea culpa
wearing shorts should be an option
for all

I bought five pairs,
four of them are American Eagle,
flex material,
that stuff is genius,
moves with you,
and it doesn't look like,
stretch stuff.

I tell everyone about them,
for me,
for my body type,
for my style preference,
they rock,
I suspect American Eagle,
has a strong butch following,
the jeans, the shorts, the khakis,
the boxers.
I don't like their shirts,
too long and narrow,
and, their t-shirts are ok,
Gap is better for that,
but, the flex material,
I shake my head,
smile and wonder where,
this material has been,
all my life

So yeah,
fifty one is good,
shorts, who knew??

Stay cool, you all.
Later girls,

In no way…inferior

Good morning my friends.
I hope you are all,
healthy and happy.

Happy Father's day.

It is a very hot Sunday,
in the beautiful ugly,
gonna be a scorcher.

I've a had a busy week,
extra hours at work,
developing ideas for,
what might turn out to be,
a new blog or a website,
not quite sure yet,
lots of thinking,

It's been a week,
since Orlando.
I have been sad and angry,
overtly and,
at the back of my mind,
for a week.

I have read some powerful thoughts,
on these events,
this horror.
Some of it very personal, heartfelt.
I will link to two,
short, that really nail it.

by a Face Book friend who's work,
I admire.

And this one by KG MacGregor,
that was shared so many times,
on social media,
it got picked up by,
The Huffington Post

So what am I thinking about,
today, on Father's day,
a week after Orlando?

I am still sad and angry.
The senseless taking of life,
planned carnage,
the slaughter.

This was not random,
this is not simply the case,
of a demented individual,
going on a rampage,
a much too common event,
in the U.S.
A wonderful country in many ways,
but, one that allows it's,
government and citizenry to be,
held hostage by the gun lobby.
That is a subject for another time.
The illusion of the right to bear arms,
the fetishization of violence.

Sexism and homophobia are still,
in 2016,
They certainly are in religions,
where, according to,
the bible, the koran,
other religious books,
woman are pretty much nothing more,
than babymakers who's subservience to men,
is necessary for harmony and function 
the way things should be.
men and women are,
Best case scenario,
women are different but equal,
and the sin of being homosexual,
is tolerated.

My whole life,
it left me perplexed,
and, lots of times,
face palming myself,
how can an intelligent,
believe that,
women are inferior,
that the love of,
a man and a woman is,
superior to that,
of two men,
of two women.

How can people who claim
to love God,
in his-her-it's name,
spew hate?

Also, I can tell you,
as a fifty one year old butch woman,
who has been around the block,
a few times.
Homophobia is not,
the exclusive terrain of,
the religious,
the uneducated,
or males.
I have met more than a few,
university educated,
of the genteel class,
who think,
make that,
that their heterosexual way,
of being and loving is,
They are much more polite about it,
but, the dismissiveness, the smugness,
is there.

I was raised,
to not think of myself,
as superior or inferior,
This was unspoken, 
but, clear.
Are there smarter people,
out there?
Always have been,
always will be,
the same applies to slower.

I am in no way inferior to,
anyone because of my gender.

genitalia has little to do,
with moral rectitude,
intelligence or,
facing the world head on,
hopefully with kindness,
sensitivity and humour.

Just as my gender,
makes me neither,
inferior nor superior,
the same can be said,
for my gayness.
I will not hide behind,
I was born this way kind of discourse.
I hate that argument,
it implies,
'don't hate me, it's not my fault'
'I want to be just like you'.
Fact is,
I don't know if I was born this way,
or not,
and I don't care.
I am in no way inferior to anyone,
because of who I love and how I make love
I don't want to be just like you,
I am me.

A long time ago,
I saw Desert Hearts,
a movie,
I have since seen,
dozens of times.
One of the pivotal scenes in it:
Evelyn, the married, soon to be divorced,
professor of English at Columbia,
says to Kay, the younger potter who works,
at the local Reno casino,
they have been having an affair and Kay,
wants it to go on,
she wants, more.
Evelyn says :it seems so easy to you(paraphrased),
and Kay says,
'I don't act this way to change the world,
I act this way so the Godamned world won't change me'
that is perfectly it, in a nutshell.

The killing, violence and judgement must stop.
We have to talk to people,
we have to come out,
we have to fight battles,
sure pick them,
fight them nonetheless,
we are,
in no way...Inferior

Have a good one.
Later, girls,

Smooth Vacation Vibe

Hello you all,
Hope you all have,
your Summer,
oh yeah.

It's been an intense,
couple of weeks,
I am still mourning,
The Dude,
I will for a while,
That's life

On a very positive note,
my mother went through,
a potentially,
dangerous surgery,
and came out,
after a week,
of sort of rest and,
she is better than ever,
I say sort of,
because it's hard,
to keep mom,
not big with her.

First few days,
I cooked and did,
dishes, laundry, shopping etc,
on my own,
now we are back to sharing,
she is trying to muscle in,
on my territory.
My mom,
the badass,
yippe ki yay!!
she has been,
just restless,
which is a definite sign,
of being on the mend.

I've had some good,
saw a few friends,
took some photos,
went to an art exhibit.
Mom and I have spent,
quality time together,
we have watched lots of,
quality drama.
I've walked a ton,
lots of air and sun.
Been a good vacation.

Having a big worry lifted,
from your shoulders,
makes you feel free,
as if you have wings.
The ones you love,
are healthy,

I intend to submit,
a piece for an,
would be the first time.
Woo hoo.

I have lots of ideas,
for being more,
politically involved,
plans for having more,
intellectual and cultural,
in my life.
Feeling very good,
about myself,
bright eyed and bushy tailed,
looking and walking,
down the road.

But, right now,
I am going to enjoy,
the rest of my vacation

Be well.
Later girls,

My friend, The Dude


Today, I made a decision,
that all pet people,
make at one time or another,
I made the decision,
to not let my friend,
suffer any longer.

I had notions and dreams,
of Dude, 
going peacefully,
in his sleep,
life and death,
are rarely stuff of dreams,
harder and grittier and,
more painful,

I chose,
love and to put an end,
to his suffering,
it was hard,
he was scared, he cried,
he raged and hissed,
I held him,
told him I loved him,
I was there,
he quieted down,
in a few minutes,
he was asleep,
I held him, 
and spoke in soft loving,
I tried not to cry,
I wanted the last things,
he heard to be,
how much I loved him,
what a good and loyal friend,
he had been,
I tried to be that to him,
as well.

It's hard,
so hard,

I know he is at peace,
that his hips,
allow him to jump,
that he is in a land,
of peace and light.

My mom, put,
it beautifully,
goodbye Doudou, be happy.

RIP The Dude,
you were my friend,
for sixteen years,
I don't know how old,
you were,
between eighteen and twenty,
a good long life,
you've earned your rest