I started this blog back in 2010, my life has changed substantially since then. I am still a bookish butch but I am no longer a bookseller although, I am still a book lover. The last year or so has been heavily influenced by my journey in and around faith. Navigating religion isn’t the easiest thing in the world for a bleeding heart liberal queer(who is also heavily pragmatic) it’s been and remains interesting. I work in the non-profit sector, more specifically in adult literacy.

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  1. Hi Bookish Butch,
    I’m feral geographer and I blog at http://www.feralgeographer.ca. Along with Mae Callen of Driving Fast on Loose Gravel (http://maecallen.blogspot.com), I’m creating an active blogroll of queer blogs from Canada and/or by Canadians. The project is called Queer Canada Blogs (http://www.queercanadablogs.ca), and we’ve added your blog!
    Please check it out and let us know if you have any suggestions for other blogs we can add.

    feral geographer

    (Feel free to delete this comment… I just wanted to contact you, and couldn’t find an email address)

  2. I enjoy your writing style and your observations on life and love.

    Books have long been an addiction of mine – maybe more of a compulsion really. Growing up, every week, I’d spend all of my allowance at a little used bookstore down the street. I don’t live in Montreal anymore and rarely get a chance to browse used bookstores anymore either. Your blog takes me back to that feeling of discovering something on the shelves and taking it home to ponder and savour. And I mean that both literally and figuratively.


  3. Aren’t you sweet:-) Thanks, I needed that, been a strange week, up and down. I hope you keep droping by and that it gives you a taste of “Home”.

  4. Just came across your blog, and so glad I did.

    You’ve got such a unique writing style–I’m enjoying reading it. I’m a lesbian book editor, and I love books of every type. Looking forward to reading more of your words!


  5. This is great. Thanks for putting up this site.
    My fave lesbian author is Jeannette Winterson, and my fave book of hers is Written on the Body. Even if some of her books don’t have gay subject matter, they are all wonderfully written, and I’m a writer, so I appreciate her.
    Winterson has a gift, and her writing is a craft.

  6. I’ve read most of the comments on here (still busy going thgoruh them) and I must say people focus too much on labels. I’m definitely a femme, but by that I simply mean I am very feminine and look like a traditional young woman. I exude femininity, both in the way I look and act. I’m a true lady You would never EVER guess that I’m completely and utterly gay. I wear make-up but I like the natural look. I don’t wear lipstick.. only on certain occasions.. I find high heels terribly uncomfortable and only wear them when I have to or for going out at night, and even then I can’t wait to take them off! But on any given day I much prefer a comfy pair of sneakers (feminine looking ones:P), flats, or if it’s winter a fashionable pair of boots. I wouldn’t describe myself as high maintenance either.. I look after myself and always look impeccably well-groomed, and I care about how I look. But I don’t care much for manicures/pedicures/painted nails. I don’t go the hairdresser often.. only when I need to; although for special occasions I love to go get my hair done! I love jewellery, I have my favourite pieces of jewellery that I treasure I like the natural casual look so I mostly wear skinny jeans with a cool stylish top, and have lots of pretty tops. Also wear leggings, skirts, shorts, dresses, coats you name it. As long as it’s fem, I feel comfortable in it, and I like how I look in it I’ll wear it! I dress cool and comfortable I’ll never wear anything I don’t feel comfortable in. I don’t spend hours on myself. I can get ready in 10 minutes if I have to and still pull off looking nice But if I have more time to get ready I will use it, as I always like to look my best As for feminine women not liking sport..not true at all.. I love sport, my favourite is dancing.. and I have played many other sports as well.Most of all the above point I was trying to make is that I don’t feel like I fit into any label. I am me, and I like who I am and would never change it for anyone. I have my own unique personality and style and tastes and I happen to be a very feminine lesbian and am also only attracted to other feminine girls. I have had endless crushes on straight girls, always hoping they will turn out secretly bi or gay, only to be disappointed time and time again.. my heart has been broken countless times already over straight and bi girls.. I am in my early twenties and not out. I’m scared to come out for obvious reasons, but it’s also that I’m simply waiting to meet the right girl. If I knew more girls like me that would also give me courage to come out. I know of only one other femme girl in my area, but alas, I got up the nerve to facebook her only to find out that she only likes butch (sorry, but for lack of a better word) women, and describes herself as very hardcore . No thanks. Sigh, I tried right?It’s terribly frustrating and disheartening. I long to meet an amazing women and fall in love and be in a steady relationship; I know what I deserve and refuse to settle for any less. I also refuse to date men and have never been with a guy. It would be a lie and I just cannot bring myself to do that, neither physically or emotionally. I feel no physical or emotional connection to men whatsoever. Lots of guys like me though and chase me.. It’s incredibly annoying! I can’t walk into a straight club without getting hit on.. I just feel very uncomfortable in that situation..(went with straight friends, not to look for men btw).. And it upsets me to have had to reject so many.. especially one really nice guy.. I like guys who have a sensitive side to them, but still feel no sexual attraction towards them.. I wouldn’t mind being friends with them though. And I find pretty boys nice to look at, but wouldn’t want to be with them on an intimate level. It all makes a lot of sense to me. I am completely and utterly attracted to both feminine qualities and feminine looks. But most men are just gross..at least that has been my experience. It’s hard enough as it is trying to find another feminine lesbian who also is attracted to feminine girls, but it makes it even harder given the qualities I’m looking for in someone. I’m looking for someome I can really talk to and trust, talk deeply with as well as have fun with and go on adventures with, someone like-minded with good strong values who is caring, sensitive, kind-hearted, smart and interesting to get to know. I long to connect with someone on all levels! And someone who knows who she is! I’m an idealistic hopeless romantic and it makes it all that much harder.. Right now it feels like a hopeless battle and that the chances of me finding that are far too small.. I also fear I might be single and alone forever.. I truly hope I am wrong about that.. if only there were more of us out there and it were easier to find each other It doesn’t make it any easier that a lot of us are not out.. I’m sure if more of us were out and open about our sexuality it would be a bit easier for us to meet one another..

  7. Thanks for stopping in and giving some feedback. The thing is, labels are just labels, you wear them or you don’t, you embrace those that work for you. To me at this stage in my life, I just like to play up my butch side, but, it is very, very complex and most of what I write about it is meant to be thought provoking and tongue and cheek. The whole coming out thing is a very personal choice, personally I’ve never had to, I just am out, not in your face but, out. It takes time, sometimes lots of time, to be comfortable with our sexuality, whatever that may be, some people never acheive that comfort and confidence. You seem like a very sensitive and articulate young woman, I’m sure you will meet people who will help you on your journey. Gender, femininity, and butch, femme- these are questions that most lesbians, in fact all women can and do wrestle with, it isn’t a hopeless battle, although, I get how it can sometimes feel that way. Chin up, onward and upward and remember, many people share these feelings. Be well:-)

  8. Hi there I am glad you dropped by, welcome! I look forward to interacting, I miss talking with people in person, being close, I find isolation difficult but am a willing participant to protect people’s health. I hope your insomnia has evaporated, be well

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