Watching the ducks…

Hello you all,

hope you are all well.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day,

here in my beautiful ugly,

which I admit, is more beautiful than ugly at this time of my life.

I have been on vacation,

I have spent time with friends,

and today my aunt is coming,

to visit,

first time she will see my flat,

de la grande visite.

Tomorrow baseball with my bff.

I have been enjoying,

time, which has been all mine.

On Monday,

my lovely lady and I,

left my place to go to hers,

we had a very late brunch,

and we walked,

in her neighbourhood,

which I love,

so colourful and alive.

We went to Lafontaine Park,

we walked around it,

and then,

we sat,

we watched the ducks,

frolicking, bathing,


the wind would come up,

and sweep over the surface,

of the pond,

with the afternoon sun,

reflected on it,

it looked like diamond dust,

it was magnifique.

I had my arm around her,


I could smell the sweetness,

of her hair,

she turned to me,

she smiled,

my heart caught,

we had nowhere to go,

nowhere to be,

we were chilling,

watching the ducks.

Be well you all.

Later girls,


time, which is mine,

By Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream

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