Tilt the prism…

Hello everyone,

Monday here in my beautiful ugly,

a scorcher.

I have had a very busy day,

my plate is full.

But, I feel fantastic.

I just had four days off.

I visited with friends,

I had a restful,


long weekend.

The Habs are in the final,

pretty freakin’ awesome.

Last Monday night,

a newish friend came over,

we had dinner,

it was great we both like to talk,

and we are both open books,

makes for frank discussions,

honest questions.

My friend asks questions,

she is curious,


about…lots of things,

I really like that about her.

Sometimes, she asks me,


about stuff that has never,

occurred to me.

For instance,

she gets here,

goes into the bathroom,

to wash her hands,

comes out and says,

wow, you like lots of kinds of soap, right?

I guess I have lots of bottles,

of shower gel, shampoo,

I like some choice,

I guess, to me it’s perfect.

For all seasons, all moods,

all the different parts of me.

I like choices, in most things.

But, the question that has really,

been turning in my mind,

for the last few days,

my friend,

who is a Christian,

born and raised,

a good,


compassionate person.

She looks at me and says,

how does a person become a Christian in their fifties?

And went on,

how do you deal with the, inconsistencies in the bible, the totally weird stuff, about gender roles etc?

I am not quoting , I am paraphrasing

Funny, I have been asked,

this before, and,


I have felt defensive about it,

because the person was,

sort of being…critical.

Like I kind of had to be stupid,

to be a Christian,

But, with this friend,

I don’t feel defensive,

she is just too wide open,

to feel any judgment or worse,


So, I leaned back,

and thought about it,

not very long.

You know, I said,

I am Gay, and,

I have lived and continue,

to live in,

a straight world,

growing up,

there were no,

positive lesbian role models,

that I knew of,

the culture that was reflected to me,

was lesbians and gay guys,





before this word was rehabilitated

I didn’t think that,

I knew there was nothing wrong,

with me,

I was never a closet case,

but I wasn’t out and proud,


in high school or college,

it was actually difficult,

to tell people,

it wasn’t really well ‘seen’.

This isn’t me complaining,

this is me explaining,

that I learned,

early in life,

to tilt the prism,

to modify,

the prevailing perspective,

you watch romcoms,

and see yourself,


the romantic lead,

romancing the girl,

sweeping her off her feet,

you apply this everywhere,

the view of the world,

must include you.

You and others,

of your tribe,

we are in the world too,

you tilt the prism,

substitute, break down,

you learn to see,


plot holes,


so when you read,

the Bible,

this happens too,

you know that women,

aren’t inferior,

or subservient,

and the Bible,

can be a mass of contradictions.

It was written by men,

it was translated,

sometimes badly,

with a bias,

but, if you never read,

stuff that had,




you wouldn’t read much,

also, people,

do and have evolved.

I don’t pick and chose,

what I believe,

as another friend suggested,

I think my theology is open,

I believe,

that the universe, is complex,

I believe God is not,


or something,

I can easily know,

I tilt the prism,

to capture all the pretty colours,

of the infinitely vast world,

we live in.

The splendour of diversity.

Be well you all,

thanks for reading,

my ramblings.

Later girls,


By Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream


  1. I think we all “tilt the prism” – if I understand your meaning. I think we have to have an understanding of things.

  2. I guess that is true, but in a heteronormative world LGBTQ people ’tilt a little more than average. Thanks for reading and commenting:-)

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