Drag King Dreams

Yesterday, being so bloody, hot, and the, air conditioning, at the bookstore, not really, working, I wasn’t very busy, but, you know, enough. I finished, Leslie Feinberg’s, Drag King Dreams. I was going to, write about it, last night, but, I had to let it, marinate, seep in. Anyone, who has read, this blog, more… Continue reading Drag King Dreams

The ones I carry in my head and heart

Weather = Nothing to complain about. I’m still in a book slump. Everything I have in my TBR pile is either too serious, I’m not in a serious kind of a mood, Or really,  well,  sort of boring,  I guess. So, I thought I would improvise and tell you all about about some of my favourite characters. Also,… Continue reading The ones I carry in my head and heart

Stone Butch Blues

I read  Stone Butch Blues.  It is magnificent.  Not a false note. You pick it up, you can’t put it down. I had high expectations. This book exceeded them. I intend to buy several copies to give as gifts, it’s that good. This book should be required reading .  It deserves to be on the same… Continue reading Stone Butch Blues

The power of fiction to illuminate

Yesterday, I picked up Stone Butch Blues.  I have only read the first chapter.  I think I’m going to like it. From memory, I would say I have never read any work of fiction that deals with transgender topics.  I wonder why? Can’t say I have read much about bisexuality either. Maybe one of the reasons… Continue reading The power of fiction to illuminate