A few short appreciations

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had read seven romance novels last week.

That sounds like a lot

 it is a lot

 but, no suffering was involved just varying levels of pleasure.

I already said  how much I enjoyed Long Shot by D Jackson Leigh.

Also near the top of my list was Song Without Words by Robbi McCoy.

Harper is a librarian in a small liberal arts college in California. She likes her job

but, she really lives for the summer. Harper is a musician, cellist for the symphony orchestra,

during the summer she makes documentary portraits of female artists. A couple of summers ago she had a torrid affair with Chelsea a teacher/poet. Chelsea left Harper and Harper has been trying to get over it since.

She receives a message from Chelsea and although she really wants to speak to her, her friends, family and fears seem to get in her way. Will she call? Will they get back together? Will they live happily ever after?

This novel is interesting. It is a classic romance and yet, at the same time a novel about the nature of Art and creation.

It’s also about how sometimes random choices and events ultimately make us who we are.I don’t mean to sound simplistic but, this book touched me. The most important message I got from it, is we should talk things out and not jump to conclusion. These are things that we know but, sometimes(often) bear repeating.

If you want funny, intelligent and feel good buy Long Shot.

If you feel a little bit meditative buy Song Without Words.

Read them if you like Kallmaker, Martin and company.