My friend, the writer


it’s a beautiful day,


I’m feeling,


I’m not sure,


combination of factors,

I guess,

life is good:-)

I feel healthy,




it’s the fall,

I love the fall:-)

One big thing,

that has me,


hyped and proud,

my friend,

the busy writer,

Mel Bossa,

has another book,

just released,

a paranormal thriller,

I don’t normally go,

for that genre,


Mel’s book,

Suite Nineteen,

is dark and edgy,

and thought provoking.

Well written,


with explorations,


the nature of,

good and evil,

the redemptive powers of love.


you don’t have to take,

my word for it,

check out this review,

on book wenches,

a blog,

that has style and content,


check out the details and,

order it at,


I’m busy today,

places to go,

people to see,


I had to tell you all about,



it’s worthy of mention.


has a long and,

promising career,

ahead of her,

she’s already doing great!!

Did I mention I’m proud:-)

Later girls,




With Love and Pride


How are yah?


I’m feeling good about,




about my friends.

My ex,

or as I usually refer,

to her,

friend extraordinaire,

has lost much weight,

and looks,


I always thought,

she looked good,


now she weighs,



she did in her,



Another really good friend,

has written,

a novel,

that is about to be,


By Bold Strokes,

April 18 Th. 2011

Here is the blurb:

Quiet and imaginative,  Derek O’Reilly spends a lot of time watching a movie in his head. His fiancé Nathan, aka “Mr. Alpha,” wonders why Derek hasn’t taken any interest in their wedding planning. Aunt Fran—his spiritual guru—would like to know when her guilt-tripping nephew became some kind of kept boy. One evening, she drops Derek’s childhood journal on his lap, forcing him to remember the name he’s been trying to forget since he was eleven years old. Nicolai Lund.

Nick was Derek’s neighbor—and first love.

Weeks before Derek’s engagement party, a chance meeting promises the possibility of meeting Nick again. The last time Derek saw those cold blue eyes was seventeen years ago, but he vividly remembers the effect they had on his young, inexperienced body. Nick could flood his stale existence like a blond tidal wave. But Nick isn’t that sixteen-year-old rebel anymore. He’s a man hardened by invisible scars.

As Derek reads through his diary, Nick and Derek’s powerful relationship sways between past and present, sweeping over their emotional landscape, revealing what they were, still are, and might yet be to each other.

and here is the link to her Bold Strokes Authors’ blog:

I couldn’t be prouder.




take the bull by the horns,

kind hearted friends,

what more could,

a bookish butch,

ask for?

immense riches?

kick ass good looks?

Kate Winslet to walk into my bookstore?


I don’t need any of that,

I’ve got friends,



and love to the brim.

Reminds me,

of this,

little plaque,

my Grandmother,

used to have in her house,

My House Is Small, No Mansion For A Millionaire, but, There is Room For Friends and There Is Room For Love, That’s All I Care.

Words to live by:-)

Later girls,


Reading a lot of romance

Yeah, so I’ve been reading a lot of lesbian romance of late.

 I’m going to be writing  reviews for Kissed By Venus lesbian literary web page as well as some stuff for Amazon. I sometimes wonder what it is I like about lesbian romance novels. I guess the answer is— it’s all about hope.

None of us really believe that love and romance happens in real life the way it does in romance novels.

Here’s the thing—— it’s about fantasy, not reality.

 Not about the deep recesses of our soul(that place is reserved for Murder Mysteries which I will discuss another time)

romance novels are all about the sun bathed part of our secret fantasy life, the one in which we are smarter, sexier,

younger and practically irresistible. Not a damn thing wrong with that. It’s good to visit happy places sometimes.

So, in that spirit I have read seven romance books in the last week. Some I really liked, some really not.

I adored Long Shot by D. Jackson Leigh published by Bold stroke Books. The characters were irresistible. The butchy Vet with the heart of gold, the ambitious reporter who’s been trying to rise above her Fundamental Christian family.It has humour and romance— a winning combination. If you like Karin Kallmaker or even Fern Micheals with a gay twist, you’ll like Long Shot. (More details to come in next post)

The Larry Mcmurtry book I mentioned in my last post turned out to be as fabulous as expected. If you like and care about books, read it. I believe it is one of the books I’ll be re-reading periodically for a long time to come.

More on romance, gay style— soon.