On Being Butch

This morning, I have been thinking about being butch and what it means. I often experience strange reactions from people, mostly straight women, when I refer to myself as butch. It seems some of them think that I am putting myself down when I describe myself as butch, and try to tell me  “You’re not… Continue reading On Being Butch

My top ten lesbian romances part 2

In the last post I talked about discovering Karin Kallmaker’s romance novels. What struck most about them is the humour—– Oh and the sex. That woman writes smoking sex scenes. Paperback Romance has an irresistible heroine, Carolyn. She is a hopeless romantic who writes romance novels. Carolyn has had nothing but  bad luck with men. Try as she… Continue reading My top ten lesbian romances part 2

My top ten Lesbian romances

Here are my top ten romances.  They all have romance in them, although, some are not strictly romance novels. They all have women loving women. 1-Wild Things by Karin Kallmaker 2-Curious Wine by Katherine V Forrest 3-Endless Love by Lisa Shapiro 4-Saving Grace by Jennifer Fulton 5-Landing by Emma Donoghue 6-Watermark by Karin Kallmaker 7-Paperback… Continue reading My top ten Lesbian romances

Romance, why am I so attracted to it?

“Love, in a world where carpenters can be resurected, anything is possible”   Eleanor of Aquitaine   Years ago I discovered Lesbian romance novels. I had never really enjoyed romance novels I didn’t find them realistic. But, when I discovered the novels of Karin Kallmaker I didn’t really care how realistic they were, I was… Continue reading Romance, why am I so attracted to it?

What is a bookish butch?

What is a bookish butch?                                                                                                                                                                     I don’t know about others, but this one is a softly masculine woman in her forties who can never seem to get her nose out of a book. Let me start by telling you a little bit about me and the aim of this blog. As, previously stated I can never… Continue reading What is a bookish butch?