My love of Kates, a fluff piece.

I love the name Kate and, I love Kates.   Going back pretty far, Kates have captured my imagination. Hepburn, talk about class and feminine strength.  Think Adam’s Rib, The African Queen and most of all The Philadelphia Story, a very old movie which is still funny and witty so many years later.  The first time… Continue reading My love of Kates, a fluff piece.

Stone Butch Blues

I read  Stone Butch Blues.  It is magnificent.  Not a false note. You pick it up, you can’t put it down. I had high expectations. This book exceeded them. I intend to buy several copies to give as gifts, it’s that good. This book should be required reading .  It deserves to be on the same… Continue reading Stone Butch Blues

The power of fiction to illuminate

Yesterday, I picked up Stone Butch Blues.  I have only read the first chapter.  I think I’m going to like it. From memory, I would say I have never read any work of fiction that deals with transgender topics.  I wonder why? Can’t say I have read much about bisexuality either. Maybe one of the reasons… Continue reading The power of fiction to illuminate

Jane Austen, I love her.

Yes, I know Jane Austen is not a lesbian.  I suppose also that she is not considered terribly butch.  I like many authors who could be considered butch in both senses of the word (macho and queer),  think Hemingway, London and Sarah Schulman. Deep inside of my romantic heart, I also have a yearning for… Continue reading Jane Austen, I love her.

Romance and the single butch

I could have called this post, sex and the single butch,  or love and the single butch but, this single butch seeks romance, above else. Ah, romance, the courting and ultimate seduction of a woman, it’s what makes life worth living. The problem is  I have not been very successful at it for years. When… Continue reading Romance and the single butch

The two kates of lesbian detective fiction

It is unseasonably hot in Montreal right now. I am an insomniac under the best of circumstances, but this heat is making me cranky and crazy. So what to do?  Read, what else. I read mysteries, I love them. Yeah, I read a lot of things but, mysteries are a particular fascination of mine. Some… Continue reading The two kates of lesbian detective fiction