I Wish You All:Love

Good morning all. Happy Valentine’s Day, to you all:-) I know lots of people think, Valentine’s Day is corny, or invented sentiment. I am Not one of those people. I love Valentine’s Day. I have been blessed with great, Valentine’s days, in my day. But in the last few years, I wasn’t sure I would… Continue reading I Wish You All:Love

Cold January

Hello everyone. Hope you are all surviving, this cold January. I know, I am supposed to, embrace Winter, be positive about it, but, I gotta say, I dislike Winter, intensely. I have a good coat, that is warm, comfortable, even, attractive, well, as attractive as a parka, can be, I have warm boots, long johns,… Continue reading Cold January

January light…

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I hope the cold of Winter, deep freeze January, isn’t getting to you too much. I won’t lie, I don’t like Winter, but, some things about it, are positives, the quiet, and most of all, the light. There is something, about Winter light, the pure, crystalline… Continue reading January light…

I May Not Believe in Resolutions but… I still Want My Pants to Fit

Hello everyone. It’s Friday, yesterday was my, first day back to work, very happy about it. So, it’s Friday, I cooked some chicken, made stock. Now have a pot, of chicken veggie soup, on the stove. I just had lunch, a protein shake, with wheat germ and fruit, it was pretty gross, I need to… Continue reading I May Not Believe in Resolutions but… I still Want My Pants to Fit

It’s a new year…

Let us not be timid about it, let’s embrace the new year. I expect many of us, are nervous about a new year, nervous about having hopes, for it. Two pandemic holiday seasons, makes some of us, look around the corner like, this Irish Wolfhound, is it safe? he isn’t really frightened, he is cautious,… Continue reading It’s a new year…

Right around the Corner

This may, just be, my last blogpost of 2021. I want to step away, from social media, from all media, a little. Read, walk, paint, listen to music. I have spent, four wonderful days, with my lovely lady, Christmas, with the dearest of friends. I am happy. Next is New Year’s, it will be quiet,… Continue reading Right around the Corner

What a difference a year makes

Hello everyone. Here in my beautiful ugly, indeed in all of, La Belle Province, we have very high, Covid numbers, scary, this new variant. So, it will mean a very quiet, Christmas. Last year, was different, I had lost, my mom, only three months, earlier. I had a relationship, that was loving, but, complexe, and… Continue reading What a difference a year makes

Time to read, Time to think

I was supposed to be, at a bake sale, at my church, this morning, volunteering, but, freezing rain falling, on, my beautiful ugly, resulted in a wise, postponement decision. I got to read the papers, and, catch up on last week’s, I cuddled with my sweet, George. Did the dishes, did some laundry, chatted with… Continue reading Time to read, Time to think