The First Week !

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! What a week it has been! Armed seditious insurrection, on and in the Capitol in Washington, what a crazy freakin world we live in! The pandemic rages on, killing so many of us, worldwide! Here in Quebec, as of today, tighter restrictions, and quasi total lockdown, are being implemented, we… Continue reading The First Week !

2020, sad and hopeful

Today is Monday, the 21 st of December 2020, Christmas is, only a few days away. I am off from work, I have been for a few days. I am listening to, Harry Belafonte sing, I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day, it’s a beautiful song, sad, and yet, hopeful. This is how I feel,… Continue reading 2020, sad and hopeful

Choose Happy

It’s cold and grey today, fitting, it is, December 6 th. In 1989 in my Montreal, the city I love, 14 women were murdered, for being women, for being women, who would become, engineers. An act of hate, gender based violence. I consider it, the darkest day, in my beloved city’s, history. It was more… Continue reading Choose Happy

Who we come from…

Hello all, I hope you are well and safe. It is Sunday, a grey cold humid, November Sunday. I am glad November is, almost over. I am getting ready for, Christmas, have bought most of the gifts, I will be buying, a small list. I am looking forward to, some time off over the holidays,… Continue reading Who we come from…

Stuff, things

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. It’s been a busy week, A lot of my mental space, has been taken up with, giving mom’s things away. Coordinating, sorting, feeling very strong emotions. The clothes went well, so many people need. I tried to match people, with things, that belonged to mom, giving… Continue reading Stuff, things

The coming of Winter

In the bleak midwinterFrosty wind made moanEarth stood hard as ironWater like a stoneSnow had fallenSnow on snow on snow-Gustav Holst Winter is coming. Before you say it, I agree, Winter is beautiful. The sunlight, bouncing off, the snow, the muted, noise of the city. Wearing our, favourite scarves. Advent, Christmas, mulled wine, hygge, fleece,… Continue reading The coming of Winter

The Void

Good morning everyone, it’s been a week since my last post. I am up early, before the sun. I have a busy day ahead. I am grateful for busy days. I am getting lots done, and other things are hard. Concentrating on readings, for my class, is hard, going through mom’s things, giving them away,… Continue reading The Void

I’m Busy

Good morning all. October, a little dark, a little grey, blue skies, fiery colours. October is a month, of highs, of lows, October is all about, the changeability, of life. October is beautiful, October is miserable. This October, has been, glorious, and , dreary. I am super busy, work, class, church related activities. I’m busy,… Continue reading I’m Busy

It’s Been a Month

It’s raining, it’s grey, it’s been a month, since my mom, died. It’s not always hard, I am sad, I am tired, and sometimes, concentrating is, more than I can handle. But, I am getting used to, the quiet, the solitude. and then I do laundry, I wash her bathrobe, to give away, and I… Continue reading It’s Been a Month