Watching Ru Paul

I love Ru Paul. I have loved Ru Paul for years. Brilliant, articulate, spectacular, no fucks given, funny, kind, no corners cut, Ru Paul. But, I’m a Cheerleader, is a film I adore, you haven’t seen it?? Run don’t walk, find it, watch it, laugh your ass off, and cry I haven’t really watched, Ru… Continue reading Watching Ru Paul


Good morning all. Grey morning, pretty typical of November. Grey damp and chilly, my least favourite month, of the year. Sorry, this isn’t meant to be, a whiny blog post. I am good, I have been busy, work is good, love is good. Catherine and I, went to see, The French Dispatch, the latest Wes… Continue reading November…babblings

The Importance of things

Good afternoon all. Today is Remembrance Day, Lest We Forget. November has been, beautiful, mild and sunny, very un November like. I have been enjoying it. Been an odd, kind of a week. I have been, chewing on, reflecting on, a few things. I do that, chew and reflect. Since my mother died, in September… Continue reading The Importance of things

November and Love Languages

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I am sitting at my desk. When I turn my neck, a little to the left,I see outside the window,my view is of,the street,but, I am on the,second floor,so I see,houses,trees,lawns,cars and delivery trucks,and the sky, which today is clear, blue with white puffy clouds, but, it’s… Continue reading November and Love Languages

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, it’s been more than a year, since you passed away. I think of you everyday. Most days, I wish I could, share something with you. A laugh, a thought, I wish I could tease you, about politics, or whatever. Have a good cry watching, Call The Midwife. A lot has happened, since you… Continue reading Dear Mom

We change, we patina

Bookish Butch (aka me), Autumn 2021 One of my favourite things, about older, furniture, art, homes, cities, is, patina. How the cracks, the wear, the unvarnished, the age, the loved and cared for, but not babied, how the use, the life, shows through. It is closely related to, my beautiful ugly. Last Friday evening, Catherine… Continue reading We change, we patina

2 years of …Georgie

My big boy during the move. Good morning all. I am writing this, the sun isn’t up yet. It’s Monday morning, October. The weather has been amazing, mild and sunny. This week promises to be, more, seasonal. Cool and rainy, October, Halloween weather. On Halloween, I will have had my, big George, for 2 years.… Continue reading 2 years of …Georgie

I noticed

Hello all, it’s been a while, I’ve been busy, good busy. Work, seeing friends, spending time with, my lady. Last weekend, we went, to see some, slightly experimental theater, dinner, a walk in old Montreal. We rode the bus back, to her place, I kept grinning, at least it felt like I was grinning The… Continue reading I noticed

It’s been a year…

Hello all. Gorgeous, September day, September 16 , a year ago, my mother, died. It sure has been, a tough year, missing her, parting with her things, packing to move, making a new home, without her. It has been a year, of growth. I have been, enveloped by love, supported by friends, by family. I… Continue reading It’s been a year…

September and change

Hello everyone, September 11 th, a beautiful cool morning, just like the one, 20 years ago. Hard to believe, it was 20 years ago. So many things, have changed, we lost much of, our innocence, that day, there is less trust in the world, and that is a bad thing. RIP to all those who… Continue reading September and change