Being Grateful

Good morning everyone. It’s April, yesterday it snowed, not an uncommon occurrence, here, in my beautiful ugly. Still chilly this morning. The sky is the same, pale blue colour as, this page. Yesterday, was a busy day, stop and start, juggle ideas, don’t drop the glass balls, kind of a day. At the end of… Continue reading Being Grateful

An uncluttered life

In nine days, I will be moving, I am packing, and on, Friday and Saturday, I have help, people driving, me, lifting, boxes of kitchen stuff, clothes, wall hangings and stuff , over to the new place. I still want to cull, it still feels like, I am going to clutter up, my new place.… Continue reading An uncluttered life

So Many thoughts

New flat, front room, being painted and bathed in light Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well. Been seven months since, my mom passed away. She is missed. In thirteen days, I will be moving into, my new flat. Every time I visit it. I feel so good about it. There is peace,… Continue reading So Many thoughts

Monday Morning

Monday morning, bright and early. I actually got up before, chubby boy this morning, had a pee, without an audience, yay. The start of a busy week. So much to do, seventeen days to, the move. I got my vaccine last week, made me sore, feverish, for a few hours, and tired for a few… Continue reading Monday Morning

I Am Vaccinated!

It is done! Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I was vaccinated at, the Palais des Congres. in the Chinatown of, my beautiful ugly. I am so relieved, I am so grateful. I am so happy, that many of my, compatriots, my fellow 55 plusers, decided to get vaccinated. We are doing it to save, our… Continue reading I Am Vaccinated!

In 24 Days…

Good morning everyone, I hope you all , have had, a good, Easter break. I did, saw some friends, lots of church, lots of culling. It is now Monday, late morning, the neighour’s dog, is barking, I am attempting, to drown her out, with Pablo Cassal, playing Bach on his cello, breathe, she is a… Continue reading In 24 Days…

Feeling… Fergus

This isn’t my dog, I don’t have a dog, never really been, a dog person. ok, that sounds weird, I like dogs, they are sweet, they are fun, they, apparently, help you to live longer. I just saw this dog, I am calling him Fergus, to me, he looks like a Fergus on Facebook, and… Continue reading Feeling… Fergus

A Year Like No Other

So, yeah, it has been a year like no other. A helluvah year. There are years, you remember always, milestone years, years of joy, years of sorrow, March 2020 to March 2021, has been a year that defies, labels and descriptions, it is a year, truly, like no other. The pandemic, mom being weak and… Continue reading A Year Like No Other

The Key Is…

Hello all! I tell ya, it has been a helluvah week. I was off from work, this week, and I haven’t stopped. So much going on, the move, the culling and giving away, I am truly blessed, with the help that is offered, and I have accepted, and will continue to, benefit from the kindness… Continue reading The Key Is…

Dads and hard choices

Good morning everyone. it is a beautiful sunshinny morning, here in my beautiful ugly. I am off this week, Spring Break is vacation for me. I think you all know, I am moving, at the end of April. So, right now, I am giving things away. I am sending clothes to, various charitable organizations, I… Continue reading Dads and hard choices