2023, Looking Forward

Hello everyone, Happy New Year! I hope your holidays, have been, joyous, love filled and restful. Mine were all that. I spent some time with, Catherine, with my good friends. I met Catherine’s, daughter, grandchildren, son in law and nephews, at a Christmas celebration, at her place, we spent lots of time, prepping and cooking,… Continue reading 2023, Looking Forward

See you next year

It’s December 23 rd, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I am ready and in the mood. I am going to take the time, to enjoy time with Catherine, to enjoy time with friends. Won’t see family this year, doesn’t mean I won’t think of them. Of course, I will be thinking of my mom, and all… Continue reading See you next year

It’s Coming On Christmas

It’s coming on ChristmasThey’re cutting down treesThey’re putting up reindeerAnd singing songs of joy and peaceOh, I wish I had a riverI could skate away on River by Joni Mitchell Joni Mitchell, sure can write, an evocative lyric, and a haunting tune. Sigh, it’s Christmas, soon. There are many things, I love about Christmas, but,… Continue reading It’s Coming On Christmas

Reading Plan For 2023

Hello all. Hope you are doing well. It is cold here, in my beautiful ugly, so now that groceries, are bought, now that the larder, is full. I can stay, home. Cleaning, laundry and cooking, are on the agenda, for today, but, right now, I am sitting with, a good cup of Ceylon tea, and… Continue reading Reading Plan For 2023

My Year Of Reading 2022

Good morning everyone. I hope all is well in your world. I am resting and it is feeling, pretty good. Catherine and I had a lovely weekend. The theatre on Friday, a nice quiet Saturday, and on Sunday, I preached at my church. It’s Monday, Sunny, cold but the sky is blue. I have been… Continue reading My Year Of Reading 2022

Love in my late 50’s

With Catherine, always, smiles Good morning everyone. It is my third week ‘off’ I have done stuff around the flat, organised closets, sorted stuff. I have painted quite a bit. I have written almost everyday, I don’t think I will make, the Nanowrimo 50, 000 word count, but, I am writing. I am also reading,… Continue reading Love in my late 50’s

Taking Some Time

Hello all, I hope you are all well. I am fine, thanks for asking. I am taking some time. Three weeks ago, I gave notice at work. Last week was a week off, this week will be another week off. Last week I organised my closet, and the cupboard under the stairs. I cooked, I… Continue reading Taking Some Time


Weird , what comes to mind when you, picture certain things. School, learning, conjures up, visions of blackboards. When I think of writing, I see a typewriter, weird. I have owned many, typewriters, I have never written, much on a typewriter. I take notes in notebooks, I keep a paper agenda, but I write, work,… Continue reading Challenges

Fall Days &Giving Thanks

Hello everyone, here in Canada, it is Thanksgiving weekend. Three days off! Thanksgiving has never been, a big deal in my family, not that we lacked in, thanks and gratitude, it just wasn’t a big thing. I love the Fall, the colours, the cooler days, flannels, sweaters, boots, caps. I love the wind, the crisp… Continue reading Fall Days &Giving Thanks

Almost October

Fall, my favourite season, with my favourite clothes. Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing, excellently. I have been sick, had all the Covid symptoms, but my tests, were all, negative, weird. It really tired me out, my ass has been, dragging, but I am slowly, regaining, my energy. I am writing this blog,… Continue reading Almost October