Number 1000, Woo Hoo!

Top I took in 2013 or so, the bottom one Catherine took last weekend 2023 February 18 th

Well here it is,

Blog post 1000!

I have thought about what to write.

I have thought about,

how many people,


writing a blog,

a public journal if you will,


self indulgent.

I suppose it is.

But, I have learned,

a few things,

because of this blog.

The most important,

of these, is, that,

when I write about,

my thoughts,

my feelings,

they become,


this blog helps me “talk”,

through things.

Many people over the life,

of this blog,

have written to me,


to share how,

it brings them a certain,

clarity as well,

that to me is a big bonus.

I started writing this blog in 2010,

March 28 th to be exact.

I started it,

at the suggestion of,

a guy who used to come to my store.

I have lost touch with him.

Mike was/is his name.

He thought people might,

enjoy my opinions on,

books, movies, culture,

life in general.

It took me a while,

to find my voice,

my cadence.

It became much more,

than opinions to me.

It became a shared,

record of my,


I met people,

both virtually,

and in person,

thanks to my blog.

I have had a relationship,

romantic relationship,

with two women,

that I ‘met’,

through the blog.

The readership has,

ebbed and flowed,

over these thirteen years.

In 2010,

I still had my bookshop,

with no intention of changing that,

in 2010,

my mom was very much alive,

so was my friend Francoys,

my cat was a lovely little blonde,

named Dude, sigh.

I had no love relationship,

I smoked,

drank way too much coffee,

loved what I did,

was poor.

I lived with my mother,

not much privacy.


my hair is,


much more grey.

I am more outwardly butch,

inwardly probably,


than I was in 2010.

My bookstore is no more,

I have just started a new job.

My mom,

is gone,

but, not forgotten.

so is Francoys,

my anarchist friend

I miss them.

I have a flat I adore,

I love the photo I took right before I moved in, so much I made the thumbnail for my blog.

I live really close,

same building,

as my best friend,

and her mother who is a good friend.

I have a big ginger cat,

who is sweet,


and of course,

there is Catherine,

happy sigh.

2020 was a hard ass year,

for all of us.

I lost my mother.

But, 2020 was also the year,

I started a new type of work,

and the year I met, Catherine.

Life is good.

This blog has seen me through,

the closing of the bookstore,

the death of my friend,

the end of two relationships,

quitting smoking,

major and minor surgery,

my mom’s stroke,

my mom’s death.

It has also seen,


falling in love,

new challenges,


starting over,

a few times,

it sees me now,

a 57 year old butch,


more sure of myself,

than ever before.

Loving and loved by,

an amazing woman,

surrounded by friends.

happy sigh.

I worry less,

I drink tea,


and I realize,

that life is short,

and precious,

I love better,

I accept love,


I have grown,

the blog has been,

a help in that,


I will probably continue,

the blog,

but, for now,

I have lots of work to do.

Be well everyone,

thanks for reading.

Later girls,


Author: Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream

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