it’s a complex notion,

it isn’t just,

brick and wood and mortar,

plaster and concrete,

it is so much more.

This new place,

feels like home,

it is light and sunny,

it is both old and new.

I am surrounded by people,

I care deeply about.

I have culled and purged,

I have kept what I love,

what I use,


what I cannot bear to part with.

I have been so blessed,

throughout this process,

by help,


of family, friends,

loved ones.

And, I confess, I am proud,

of myself,

of this long process,

of hundreds of decisions,

of moving.

I have no regrets.

I am creating a home,

for me, for my cat.

I am home.

Be well, you all

Stay safe, get vaccinated

Later girls,


By Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream

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