I’m feeling nostalgic I was listening to some songs on You Tube. Funny, Ever listen to a song you haven’t heard for a long time and remember all the words? I was listening to a Mike And The Mechanics song The Living Years. I think all of us who have fathers who have passed can… Continue reading Lucky

Les Amours Imaginaires

On the weekend I went to see a new movie, Les Amours Imaginaires. This movie,  is by La Belle Province’s latest homegrown genius,  Xavier Dolan. He made a movie last year,  that had great critical international success,  J’ais Tué Ma Mere. Les Amours Imaginaires, does not suffer from the sophomore jinx, it is Sublime. A must… Continue reading Les Amours Imaginaires

When is a writer a writer?

Good morning, girls. I’m really happy about the cool, dry, weather,  I slept very well. I went out  last night to have a few pitchers of beer with a friend of mine. I really enjoy our exchanges and conversations.  Sometimes they can be quite intense,  sometimes on the borderline of rocky,  other times over the… Continue reading When is a writer a writer?

Full moon ramblings on beer, the bionic woman and rejection

The humidity is back. Ugh! I can’t sleep I’m so tense and honestly, I”m exhausted. The pipe problem is fixed.  Hallelujah. A minimum of damage,  it’s a little bit smelly but, everybody says they can’t smell it. I am known for my bionic nose, remember Jamie Summers, the bionic woman,  very hot, especially when she… Continue reading Full moon ramblings on beer, the bionic woman and rejection

It is soooo Hot

We are having a heat wave in Montreal,  actually the entire eastern part of North America is smog and heat.  I have been in most of the day-  I hate the heat,  and I didn’t have much to do (day off). A friend gave a copy of,  Back To Basics- A Butch-Femme Anthology. This book… Continue reading It is soooo Hot