Untold Stories

There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you- Maya Angelou Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. It is a gorgeous, Friday afternoon, here in, my beautiful ugly. It has been a busy week. It will be a busy weekend, some social stuff, some church stuff, some creative stuff, and… Continue reading Untold Stories

Happy Birthday, Mom

Mom and I, downtown for the day, a few years back Happy Birthday, Mom. Bonne Fete, Maman. It’s been almost 2 years, since you left us. I think about you, every day. I miss you most, when I want to share, what I think about, a book I’m reading, watching an incredible, TV series. and,… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mom

Life Is Sweet

Hello All. It is absolutely gorgeous, here in my beautiful ugly. The sun is shinning, the birdies are singing, the flowers and trees are in bloom. The smell of, Apple blossom and lilacs, fill the air. Spring came late this year, but, right now, it is at it’s prettiest. I am busy, lots going on.… Continue reading Life Is Sweet

She Gets Fran Lebowitz

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. I have been crazy busy, still busy but, taking a few minutes. Catherine and I are going to see, Fran Lebowitz tonight, here in my beautiful ugly. Woo Hoo! She will be interviewed, take questions from the audience, and then sign books. Catherine bought the tickets, way back in… Continue reading She Gets Fran Lebowitz

One Year Ago…

The blank slate that was my office. Hello you all, one year ago I moved into, this beautiful flat that is my home. I had packed and prepped, for a few months previous, to the move. I had culled, given away, pared down. My bff, who also happens, to own this place, had painted the… Continue reading One Year Ago…

Happy Easter!

Good morning all, Happy Easter! I am going to breakfast, with my friends, my neighbours, and then I am going to church, it’s Easter. I woke up early but I stayed in bed, cuddling with George, George is a fabulous cuddler. After a while I reached over, for my phone, on my Facebook feed, there… Continue reading Happy Easter!

12 Years, wow

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well. We are having a cold spell, here in my beautiful ugly. I have been ultra busy, and, have a ton on my mind. Perhaps, this is why, I found myself awake, before 5 am, this morning. Sometimes, it is best not to fight it, just get… Continue reading 12 Years, wow

Spring is in the air.

Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. I trust you are all happy, that Spring is coming. It has been a cold Winter, here in my beautiful ugly. But, the air is now, warmer, and the light.. happy sigh, the light is gorgeous. My caps are out, the Winter boots are no longer, right… Continue reading Spring is in the air.

It’s Been A While

Good morning All. It is a greyish Friday morning, here in my beautiful ugly. I don’t usually work, on Fridays, but, my hours at work, have increased, which I am frankly, thrilled about. I can handle more hours, now, I am in a better place. I have been quite busy, since I last wrote, work… Continue reading It’s Been A While