Butch in happy mode

Monday morning, sunny and cool, busy week ahead, hit the ground running, kind of morning. Wonderful weekend, with, my lady 🙂 Life is good. I am in, a happy mode, a happy place. A place, where I look at my life, appreciate what I have, appreciate the love, that I have had, and still have,… Continue reading Butch in happy mode

Ebbs and flows

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well. It’s grey and cool, this morning, in my beautiful ugly. It’s been an odd week, maybe it’s the moon, I don’t know, but I haven’t been sleeping well, been off my game, for a few days. But, that is life, ebbs and flows. Last weekend, I went… Continue reading Ebbs and flows

Missing Mom

Mom and I, much younger days. Good morning everyone, cloudy, muggy day here, in my beautiful ugly. Been ten months. since my mom passed, I miss her, but, she is with me, and I believe looks out for me. This flat. even though it is very much, mine, has many of her things, her books,… Continue reading Missing Mom

More feeling

Good morning all. It is a grey ish morning here, in my Verdun. Less and less I feel the inclination to call it, My beautiful ugly, because, let’s face it, it is lush and pretty, sigh. My personal life, is lush and pretty right now. Everyday my home, becomes more, mine. I am enjoying time… Continue reading More feeling

Tilt the prism…

Hello everyone, Monday here in my beautiful ugly, a scorcher. I have had a very busy day, my plate is full. But, I feel fantastic. I just had four days off. I visited with friends, I had a restful, joyful, long weekend. The Habs are in the final, pretty freakin’ awesome. Last Monday night, a… Continue reading Tilt the prism…

The kindness of people

Yesterday, a friend, came by in the afternoon, to drop off this oil painting, she had made of my mom, based on a photo, I had taken, it is a favourite of mine, it really captures my mom, as she was, a reader, it captures, her spot in the living room, in her apartment, a… Continue reading The kindness of people

Headed For The Final

Good morning all. I hope you are all well, and chipper. It’s a happy morning, here in my beautiful ugly. Last night the Montreal Canadiens, won the semi final series, against the Las Vegas Golden Knights, and they are headed to the final, of the Stanley Cup playoff!! This is pretty significant, in a hockey… Continue reading Headed For The Final

Shaving as a political act

Good morning all. Hope the weather is beautiful, wherever you are. It has been a cool week, here in my beautiful ugly. Warm enough, for shorts, or capris. For years, I wouldn’t shave my legs, my arm pits, I am not very hairy, and butches didn’t shave, and since I never wore, anything but, jeans… Continue reading Shaving as a political act

A Return to…Normal

Hello all, it has been, nine months since my mom, passed. Recently it was her birthday, the first one since she died. That wasn’t an easy day, but, it wasn’t as hard as I , expected. I know my mother is at peace, I know we said, what needed to be said, to each other,… Continue reading A Return to…Normal