A Little Over A Week

Good morning all, hope you are well, and that life, is being good, to you. I am super busy, work, setting up, the new flat, I am sitting with it, a bit, deciding, where I want to, put pictures, art and such. But, my curtains are up, I got my new vacuum, things are functional,… Continue reading A Little Over A Week


Home, it’s a complex notion, it isn’t just, brick and wood and mortar, plaster and concrete, it is so much more. This new place, feels like home, it is light and sunny, it is both old and new. I am surrounded by people, I care deeply about. I have culled and purged, I have kept… Continue reading Home

Georgie, doesn’t like moving

Good morning everyone. I was up very early this morning, and it wasn’t, Georgie who woke me. It was my mind, spinning endlessly, with all the things still left to do. Last night my friend, Ken, helped bring down the garbage, there was quite a bit, two recycling bins and five large garbage bags, don’t… Continue reading Georgie, doesn’t like moving

Books, lots of books

Two days left. I know for many of you, the people who move, a lot. You probably can’t see, what the fuss is about, moving is no big deal. In my case, it is a big deal. I have lived in this building, more than thirty years. I am soon to be fifty-six, that is… Continue reading Books, lots of books

The Last Saturday

Early Saturday morning. I have fed and cuddled the cat. I am adding milk to my tea, it occurs to me. This is my last Saturday in this building. Next weekend, I will wake in my new flat. I will make tea in my new kitchen, I will have a different view, from my breakfast… Continue reading The Last Saturday

Being Grateful

Good morning everyone. It’s April, yesterday it snowed, not an uncommon occurrence, here, in my beautiful ugly. Still chilly this morning. The sky is the same, pale blue colour as, this page. Yesterday, was a busy day, stop and start, juggle ideas, don’t drop the glass balls, kind of a day. At the end of… Continue reading Being Grateful

An uncluttered life

In nine days, I will be moving, I am packing, and on, Friday and Saturday, I have help, people driving, me, lifting, boxes of kitchen stuff, clothes, wall hangings and stuff , over to the new place. I still want to cull, it still feels like, I am going to clutter up, my new place.… Continue reading An uncluttered life

So Many thoughts

New flat, front room, being painted and bathed in light Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well. Been seven months since, my mom passed away. She is missed. In thirteen days, I will be moving into, my new flat. Every time I visit it. I feel so good about it. There is peace,… Continue reading So Many thoughts

Monday Morning

Monday morning, bright and early. I actually got up before, chubby boy this morning, had a pee, without an audience, yay. The start of a busy week. So much to do, seventeen days to, the move. I got my vaccine last week, made me sore, feverish, for a few hours, and tired for a few… Continue reading Monday Morning

I Am Vaccinated!

It is done! Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I was vaccinated at, the Palais des Congres. in the Chinatown of, my beautiful ugly. I am so relieved, I am so grateful. I am so happy, that many of my, compatriots, my fellow 55 plusers, decided to get vaccinated. We are doing it to save, our… Continue reading I Am Vaccinated!