Books Read in 2017

  1. Et Si La Beaute Rendait Heureux-Francois Cardinal-Pierre Thibault
  2. Walking-Henry David Thoreau
  3. Why Look At Animals?-John Berger
  4. The Great Divorce-C.S Lewis
  5. The Rule Of Benedict-Benedict Of Nursia
  6. On Solitude-Michel De Montaigne
  7. Ashenden-W. Somerset Maugham
  8. Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essentials Prayers-Anne Lamott
  9. Plant:A Sower’s Guide Church Planting-Winfield Bevins
  10. Blue Is The Warmest Color-Julie Maroh
  11. Mere Christianity-C.S Lewis
  12. Red Moon Rising-Pete Grieg
  13. Not My Father’s Son-Alan Cumming