Books Read In 2012

1. Les Yeux Bleue de Mistassini-Jacques Poulin

2. Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts On Faith- Anne Lamott

3.Goodbye To All That-Robert Graves

4.The Death Ray-Daniel Clowes (Graphic Novel)

5. All Quiet On The Western Front-Erich Maria Remarque

6. Montreal’s Irish Mafia: The True Story Of The Infamous West End Gang- Darcy O’Connor

7. Anarchy! An Anthology Of Emma Goldman’ s Mother Earth- Edited Peter Glassgold.

8. A Short History Of Anarchism- Max Nettlau

9. Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen: The Story-Bill Brownstein

10. The Secret Agent-Joseh Conrad

11. The Marx Sisters-Barry Maitland

12. Lady Chatterley’s Lover-D.H Lawrence

13-Butch-Jay Rayn

14-Apple Of My Eye-Helene Hanff

15-The L-World-Taryn Rose

16-The Letter Q-Queer Writers Notes To Their Younger Selves-Edited By Sarah Moon

17-A Room Of One’s Own-Virginia Woolf

18-Swamp Angel-Ethel Wilson

19-The Touch Of Your Hand-Edited by Barbara Grier and Christine Cassidy

20-Warming Trend-Karin Kallmaker

21-Sportsdykes: Stories From On and Off The Field-Susan Fox Rogers

22-To The Edge-Cameron Abbott

23-Body Check: Erotic Lesbian Sports Stories(edited by Nicole Foster)

24-An Inexpressible State Of Grace-Cameron Abbott

25-Persistence: All Ways Butch And Femme-edited by Ivan E Coyote and Zena Sharman.

26-One In Evey Crowd-Ivan E. Coyote

27-Aspects Of The Novel-E.M Forster

28-Utz-Bruce Chatwin

29-Slow River-Nicola Griffith

30-Regeneration-Pat Barker

31-La Chasse-Galerie-Honore Beaugrand

32-Dyke The Halls: Lesbian Erotic Christmas Tales-Edited by Linda Alvarez

33-The Summing Up-W. Somerset Maugham

2 thoughts on “Books Read In 2012”

  1. traveling mercies has got to be one of my favorites…I’m so glad i stumbled upon your musings, looking forward to reading more .nothing quite like an old bookstore to set my little heart a quivering…

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