The first few days of liquidation,

have gone quite well.

I admit,

I was crazy nervous about it,


it turned out well,

let’s hope it keeps up


People walk in off the street,


seem pretty sad to see me go.

People say the darndnest things,

when they don’t know what to say,


they ask you all kinds of questions,

I mean people you don’t know,

customers I understand,


local weirdo types,

what business is it,

of theirs,

what I’m going to do,


Things are moving along,

had a nice time,


a family outing,

we all went bowling,


bowling and pizza afterwards,

fun time with the kids.

I wanted you all to know,

I’m doing fine,


things are progressing.

I’ve messed something up,

on my blog template,

I’m sure it’s nothing to fix,


so far,

not working:-)

I might take,

a bit,

of a break,

might not,


obviously I’ve got a lot,

on my mind.

I’ll keep you all posted,

be well, stay well.

Later girls,


2 Replies to “Yep, Bowling”

  1. Well. I’ve been out of the loop for some time and now, when I’m catching up, I find this… my favorite butch bookseller is closing her doors. That makes me sad! I know, I know, it’s the way things go, and it’s not like I ever had the pleasure of popping in to your shop… but still!

    I hope you are maintaining your equanimity through this surely difficult phase. It must be hard! But, you sound pretty optimistic overall, my dear. I think the future looks bright for you.

    Chin up!
    xoxox from pdx…

  2. Nice to have you back:-) Well, it was a very difficult decision to make but, now that it’s made and things are moving along, I am really looking forward to the next stage. This is not to say I am not regularly filled with contradictory emotions.
    If I was your favourite butch bookseller I hope I will be your favourite butch…insert new job(wink)
    xxoox back from BB

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