Good morning girls,

it’s a grey day,

looks like rain,

cloudy and heavy.

I’m feeling much better,

maybe even cured,

fingers crossed.

I bet you’re,

wondering why,

I haven’t mentioned,


in a while,

either that or relieved,

I haven’t mentioned hockey,

in a while


Well as you know,

my beloved Habs,

had a dismal season,

we’ll get ’em next year!!!

this has affected my hockey,



I hate to say it,


it has.

Not sure who will,

win the cup,

and I’m not sure I care.

I guess,

I’m more of a ‘Homer’,

than I thought.

There are a few Canadian teams,

still in the running,

Ottawa and Vancouver,

problem is,

I can’t stand either of,

those teams!!!

I find myself rooting,

for the Rangers,

New York,

what’s the world coming to???

I’ve seen some first class,

playoff hockey,

over the past week,


you know,

I’m not engaged,

I don’t feel it in my guts.

I used to be disgusted by,

fans who wouldn’t watch,

once the Canadiens were,


and now,

I wonder have I become,

one of them,

say it isn’t so Joe,

Food for thought,

do you need a team to root for,

to enjoy,

spectator sports?

Not sure,

I’ll chew on that,

get back to you:-)

Have a good one.

Later girls,



2 Replies to “Who’ll win the cup? Not sure I care:-)”

  1. I was never that much into hockey but I gave up almost entirely on the NHL style of the game years ago. It used to be wide open, then they started dumping the puck and playing off the board and… soccer’s just a lot more interesting to watch. Plus… Soccer players wear far less and are far better eye candy.

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