My Ramblings

Who we come from…

My mom and dad and I, Lac Labelle in the Laurentian region of Quebec, early 70’s

Hello all,

I hope you are well and safe.

It is Sunday,

a grey cold humid,

November Sunday.

I am glad November is,

almost over.

I am getting ready for,


have bought most of the gifts,

I will be buying,

a small list.

I am looking forward to,

some time off over the holidays,

me and a good book,

me and a cup of tea,


I will see some friends,

I will be going to church,

on Christmas eve.

I will not be participating,

in celebration of more than,

four people.

All the people I will,

be celebrating with,

live on their own.

The celebrating will,

be quiet,

I like quiet.

I miss the people,

who are gone,

the ones who were,

my clan,

the lovely, the smart, the generous,

the difficult, the controversial,

my grand-papa, my grand-maman,

my dad,

my beloved, mother.

They are all gone.

I am an orphan,

I suppose that sounds,


to some,

a fifty-five year old,

mostly silver haired,


But they were,

the people who I come from,

my blood, my DNA,

I have no blood siblings,

I have beloved cousins,

an aunt, an uncle,

and the best friends,

there are.

This year, with the recent loss,

of my mom,

I miss them all so much.

But, I am who I am,

because of them,

the love, the nurturing,

the lessons learned,

softly and more harshly,

they all did the best they could,


and like all of us,

they made mistakes.

Cherish your people,

while they are here,

remember them when,

they are gone,

their memory,

try not to embellish,

to idolize,

real people are flawed.

real people are imperfect.

The holidays are hard,

don’t beat yourselves up,

about what you can and cannot do,

just love and cherish each other,

and we can all do that,

from afar,

love is not only about being,


So many of my loved ones,

will not be with me,

and yet,

I love them still,


Be well, you all,

stay safe.

Later girls,


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