Chilly morning, here in the beautiful ugly

Hope you are all well and keeping warm.

It will be Christmas very shortly,
I've been thinking about that,
 what Christmas,
to me.

I have a work colleague,
he's strange,
not a bad egg,
just strange,
needs to talk, be listened to,
we all do,
some of us,
more than others.
I seem to attract people,
who need to talk,
who need to be loved,
I somehow fill a need,
a void,
that is a good thing,
it can occasionally be,
a load,
a burden,
enough with the dollar store,

This colleague,
he is Jewish and French
(as in, from France)
He wants to know what I think,
about things,
not quite sure why,
he says provocative or controversial things,
waits for my reaction.

This week it was about,
Christmas and how it is,
about the birth of Christ,
This can be very controversial,
A) a post Catholic society
B) a work place filled with Muslims
of course,I also understand that as a Jew,
Christmas time must be a royal pain in the a..
for him

So, it got me thinking,
while I was explaining,
that to me,
Christmas wasn't much about the birth of Jesus.
Then again...

To me,
Christmas is about family,
about good will to others,
yes, I guess about real 'Christian' principles.
I am not a Christian,
nor anything other than an agnostic,
a total fence sitter,
when it comes to religion.

I hate,
all that has been done in the name,
of religion,
of God,
I am no atheist,
I have no certainty,
about the existence of God,
nor about the lack of one.

I envy people who have faith,
I respect their commitment and belief.
I despise it when people,
try to shove their beliefs down my throat,
I am pretty much always willing to listen,
to peoples beliefs,
if their beliefs involve the disrespect,
of the beliefs of others,
indeed the persecution of others,
hatred instead of love,
ignorance instead of openness,
they lose me.

I'm no saint, but, I do listen

I envy people of faith because,
to me they are positive and romantic,
I always prefer optimistic viewpoints,
I am not quite an optimist myself,
I do believe,
in the inherent good in people.
I am lucid,
I see bad and ugly,
although I do not bury my head in the sand,
and look away,
I dislike wallowing in ugly,
taking the cynical and complacent route,
everything is bad,
everything sucks,
we are doomed.

I don't believe that,
I refuse to believe that.

So, to me,
Christmas is about taking a break,
smiling at each other,
exchanging good will,
being merry,
charging our batteries,
in the warm embrace of whatever,
is most important to us,
and going on fighting the good fight that is,

Be well, you all

Later girls,

5 Replies to “What it means to me”

  1. It is really exciting, to read a real free thought of hypocrisy ..
    you have your own faith, it is one that shines in your heart.
    I’m just in my forties; I live in Buenos Aires and reading also keeps me sane.
    a Christmas hug for you ..
    (my native language is Spanish, please excuse the English translator)

  2. Hello Beatriz, thank you for your comment and kind words, it is a dream of mine to visit Buenos Aires and Patagonia.
    Hoping the books keep working their magic and a big warm butchy Christmas hug for you, Feliz Navidad

  3. Seriously Buenos Aires and Patagonia !?
    You’ve found my Achilles heel, I am very grateful to everyone who sees the beauty of my country.
    If you allow me to ask, what part of Patagonia attracts you more? .. And my mysterious BsAs?
    Some dreams are destined to be fulfilled ..
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. Seriously:-) I don’t know why Patagonia attracts, the wild untamed nature, I have read a few books about traveling there.
    Argentina just feels like a place where I would spend some good time. Beatriz, since you are a reader and from Argentina could you recommend some books, fiction or non-fiction, I am currently reading(almost done) the motorcycle diaries of Che, but, that is all over South America. I would appreciate suggestions, enjoy Christmas, peace and tango:-)

  5. If you feel that way about my country, then I ask you, allow me the privilege of being your virtual guide …
    Bookish, if you want to elaborate on literatura, feel free to write me an email, maybe by that means, I can include images of my country for you.
    for the moment, I can suggest that you read “Treasures of Patagonia” by Aldo Sessa. is a journey in photographs for the area.
    Wishing you well be enjoying this day (and listening to what the typical music of his country) …. (Tango you listening ??); a hug!

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