I made it through Christmas,

 now it’s on to New Year’s.

I have never been a big lover of New Year’s,

not being,

 a party animal.

But, this year I am really looking forward to it.

Not to party but,

to move forward.

2010 had it’s moments but,

I’ve had better years.

I have some ambitions for 2011,

I’m going to work hard at realising them.

I want to spend more time with my friends,

quality time.

I want to stop whinning about my lack of a love life,

and start working towards acquiring one.

If anyone knows any nice, quirky women in their late thirties to late forties  they would like to introduce, I’m down with that:-) Just keep in mind, they must be bookish and, like butches-smile and wink.

I want to read more and participate in a few challenges,

both collective and personal.

I want to eat more fruit and drink more water.

I want to spend time with my nephews,

 teach them to love hockey and books.

Because, these things are important.

I want to write more and better.

I want to go back to Toronto.

I want to meet a woman who takes my breath away,

and thinks my quirks are cute.

I want to be taller and younger and slimmer,

I’ll settle for slimmer.

I want my family to know how much I love and appreciate them.

In the realm of the kind of tough,

I want The Habs to win the Cup.

I want an end to Harper rule.

Mostly, I want to be happy and healthy and  prosperous,

and I want that for all of you as well.

Later girls


***…and of course I want world PEACE***

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