Good morning girls,

It’s a grey day,

here in Montreal,


bookish butch central,

ain’t much sunnier,


all of us are trying,

and that,

ain’t nothing:-)

I’m feeling,

a bit better,

the infection seems,

to be making,

it’s way out of,

my ole bookish bod,

I see it as a big green stinky and hairy beast, with bad breath and a bad attitude and me as kicking it’s ass out of my nose and throat, wearing steel toed Blundstones:-)

I feel a bit,

like a cry baby,

about all this,

I mean let’s face it,

some people,

are really sick,


I have a sinus infection,

a little bit of perspective,

is important,

helps you feel,

a little less sorry,

for yourself,

a little:-)

Happy belated Easter,

to all of you,

To me Easter is about Spring and chocolate and spending time with the kids, who are growing by leaps and bounds, my godson will be ten, very soon. I digress, I wish all of you of any and all ‘faiths’ Happy Easter ’cause to me it’s about kids and bunnies, ok?

I had to skip,


this year,

I just wasn’t up to it,

mom brought me back,

a bit of a ‘doggie’ bag,

and love and kisses,

from my godson,

he’s a special boy,

they all are,

special kids,


he’s especially special,

if that makes any sense.

Not sure, I’m making a lot of sense, right now:-) 

So, yesterday,

while mom was out,

visiting the family,


enjoying the sun,

I stayed home,


watched TV,

it’s was very restfull,


about all I could handle.

It was quiet.

The Dude was as usual,



I watched a marathon,

of both,

The Search for Canada’s next great handyman,


American Pickers.

Mindless enough so I could follow,


not too mindless,

as to induce,


I like Handyman shows,

must be a butch thing<wink>,

and yet,

I am so,

NOT handy,

I like to think,

it’s because,

I’m bookish,



I know quite a few,

handy bookish types,

sort of like,

smart and good looking,

not mutualy exclusive,


hey I got personality, right?

The handyman show was fun,

there was even a woman,

in the top four,


American Pickers,

just appeals,

to my iddling collector side,


hopefully not,

my inner ‘hoarder’,

mustn’t buy stuff I have no room or use for, except books, of course, never have enough books:-)


thanks for the good wishes,


home remedies,

it means a lot to me,

I just keep repeating,

Every Day in every way,

I’m getting better and stronger,


I still got my looks<wink>


Later girls,


2 Replies to “Well, I still got my looks, right??”

  1. I meant to say (the other day, the previous post) that you should try having a hot toddy. Strictly for medicinal reasons, of course. Hot water, lemon or lime, honey and a hefty shot of bourbon. I prescribe two per day, unless three works better. One at lunch time and one with dinner… followed by the optional third before bed.

    And don’t forget about the neti pot.

    Keep kicking that snotty bug’s ass!

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