Another nice day,

cold and windy,


luminous and blue,

the bite in the wind?

less and less,


I will not mention,

a certain hockey team,

they are in the,


dog house.

Moving on.

We are going,

to have a federal election,

here in Canada.

I can only,

hope and pray,

that my compatriots,

particularly in Ontario,

don’t succumb to,

the Conservatives’,


the old,

us against them.

Less taxes,

more police,

less rehabilitation,

more prisons,

global warming is a myth,

God created the universe,

in seven days,

youth gangs are coming to do you in,

in your sleep,

immigrants are terrorists,

welfare recipients get rich,

while you work, for a living,

and let’s not forget,

family values,

as long as families,

are papa bear, mama bear and baby bears,

no other combo is appropriate,

or indeed,


One thing about our,

honourable Prime Minister,

he sure can pick,

cabinet ministers.


that’s not fair,

I’m sure Bev Oda,

and Maxime Bernier,

are good people.

Mr Harper,

has as far as,

I am concerned,

two good things,

going for him,

he likes cats,

and hockey.

In that case, maybe you should vote, for, ME:-)

When you appeal,

to people’s fears,


and prejudices,

rather than,





better angels,

sometimes it works.

I’m just hoping,

this is not one of,

those times.

I worry,

about Ontarians,

not because they are,

of a narrower mind,

than the rest of us,


because they hold,

most of the seats,

and thus,

the possibility,

of being,


Elections aren’t decided,

in Québec,

or The Maritimes,

The West,

The North,


British Columbia,

they are decided in,


So in the immortal words of Danny Williams,

vote ABC,

Anybody but Conservative.

Herein endeth the rant:-)

Tomorrow I have a question for you all,

Do Real Butches Dance?

give it some thought.

Later girls,


6 Replies to “Vote ABC”

  1. I did the Vote Compass quiz at the CBC website, and of course it revealed that my opinions are most in line with the NDP… I’m a born and bred orange kid, who still thinks of Layton as that city councillor who rollerbladed to my high school for an assembly about civic politics. Not that it matters much, given that I’m all the way out in a far-off province which, as you point out, won’t be swinging much federal clout. However, the social-democrats who produced this queer, bike-riding, tree-hugging, pagan-ish, anarcho-cooperativist – AKA my parents – are still Ontario residents, and I’m pretty certain that even if Layton doesn’t earn their vote this time, they’ll still be following your ABC mantra!

  2. Are you sure that you don’t live in the U.S.? The names of your pols are different, but it seems that the straw ‘issues’ are the same. Unfortunate. I always hope that political discourse is better, meaningful, truthful elsewhere–because then, there is always the mythical ‘somewhere else’ to which sane folk can/might run….I guess we will have to stay and fight the insanity…

  3. No guns?! What kind of ‘crazies’ are your people?! How can they expect to get their points across with no guns? Down here, no self-respecting Tea Bagger would be be caught alive or dead without a gun. In fact, guns permeate all aspects of life here….This past weekend, I participated in Angie’s Half Crazy, a half marathon where a discount for a concealed handgun license was included in the schwag bag! I was amazed, amused, appalled and finally resigned. I guess runners need guns too! You never know who might be in your way or run too close…!

  4. Sort of like in Bowling for Columbine, when Moore opens a bank account and his bonus for opening the account, is a shotgun.
    Crazy and wonderful country, the U.S of A:-)

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