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Voluntary Social Isolation

Hello everyone, hope all is well.

It’s been a weird few days.

In the last two days,

the governments,

both provincial and municipal,

here in my beautiful ugly,

have taken important measures,

in order to protect the population,

from the Coronavirus(covid-19).

Some people are taking this lightly,

but most are not,

some people are overacting,

hoarding hand sanitizer and toilet paper,

but, that isn’t the majority,

not that there was any hand sanitizer to be found here in th ‘hood, but, it’s ok.

I have made provisons,

prescriptions and staple foods,

rice, pasta, canned tomatoes,

potatoes and sweet potatoes.

I will be making a large crock pot,

of soup and freezing some in case,

either of us gets sick ,

and shopping and cooking,

become complicated.

I will not be taking,

public transportation,

or attending events,

for the next two weeks,

and then we can reevaluate.

I am not really at risk, I am healthy,

I don’t travel etc, but,

my mom will be eighty,

in a few months,

and I cannot put her at risk.

Church has been cancelled,

and lots of activities that I partake in,


I have a ton of books to read,

on Libby my app,

on my Kobo and,

real paper books.

I will read :

Annie Dillard-Pilgrim at Tinker Creek,

The Warden-Anthony Trolloppe,

The Bookshop-Penelope Fitzgerald,

An Open Book-Micheal Dirda,

Searching For Sunday-Rachel Held Evans,

that is to start,

stay home if you can,

and if you can’t,

stay home as much,

as possible.

Be well my friends,

read, rest, watch tv,

but please, be prudent,

think of those,

more vulnerable than you,

the very young,

the old,

those who have,

delicate health,

please don’t hoard and,

help each other,

we can get through this.

later girls,


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Since a friend suggested Libby to me it has really added to my reading life, my reading pleasure, I always have my phone so I always have books, I prefer reading on my phone then on my Kobo.

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