Hello you all,
Hope you are all deliriously well and happy.

I am in the process of trying out changes ,
on the blog,
To make it easier to read on mobile devices, 
it has been suggested to me that this would be a good idea,
more than once,
so what the hey...
let's give it a try.

I would appreciate feedback.
Of course,
it's my blog,
so ultimately,
it's my call.

A few questions
 Do you prefer less space between the lines of text?
 Do you think the new single space messes with the cadence?
 Do you like this header or prefer the previous one?
 Do you care?
 Would you like me to share more photographs?

 I know that in the last two years,
 the blog has taken a more personal slant,
 would you prefer more writing on books 
 and more conventional themes ?
Or do you like the confessional, stream of consciousness ramblings?

I await your feedback.

Will write in a few days, very busy right now, 
but so much percolating in my brain and life.

Be well, keep warm and enjoy yourself.

Later girls,


6 Replies to “tweaking”

  1. As it turns out I’ve been viewing exclusively on mobile lately. This particular iteration of your blog doesn’t quite work. Several of your words were just cut off: stream of consc, for example.

    As I was writing this comment the page reloaded & suddenly I can see all the way to the end of the lines, unfortunately now all of the type is minuscule.

    Personally I love when you share photographs – I often stop and appreciate what I see during my day, but don’t have the ability to capture what I see in a picture. And I enjoy both the bookish posts and the more reflective, personal ones.

  2. Thanks very much for the feedback and the kind words, you are without a doubt the reader who gives the most feedback and that is precious to me and, on a very human level has been a comfort and at times even a balm, thank you dear Dee. I will try to change the type tell me if that is better, ok?

  3. Always love the plaid – but I also enjoy the photos when present. You’ve taken some very interesting ones over the years.

    This morning the blog opened perfectly with all line breaks in place.

    And your font choice returns my mind to the early days of computing – a nostalgic echo

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