Trying something that scares me

Hello all,

I trust you are all doing well.

I’m ok,

been tough being around me,


I get impatient with myself,

I get impatient with others,

I find myself,

wanting to be far away,

in a cabin,

in the woods,

a Thoreau trip.

A few problems,

with that scenario,

I am,

not really,

a country person,

the opposite,



I have to go to work,

make some money,

very little but,


So, instead of,

a cabin in the woods,

I am attempting,

National Novel Writing Month.


gonna give it a try,

I already have a writing buddy,

no idea how all this is going to work,


I have a few weeks to ,

get with the program,

get up to speed,


have a vague idea,


a little more than,


novel/memoir planned,

even have the first sentence


I will be updating,

here and on,

Face Book,


Twitter and Instagram,

btw, you can follow me on any or all of those, social medias, also Tumblr, just type in bookish butch and give a follow

I need this,

I need space,

I need to stay away from,

certain things,

certain people,


move forward,


I would add,

that I am absolutely terrified,

that it will be a disaster,

that I will find the logistics,

too much of a challenge,

technology is not my forte,


I need to push myself.

I finished The Storied Life Of A.J Fikry,

last week,

terrific book,

I enjoyed it thoroughly,

deep and light all at once,

good writer,

Gabrielle Zevon,

deft touch.

I am now deeper into,

the Paul Theroux and also reading,

A V.I Warshawski mystery novel,

good mix of fiction and non-fiction.

Going out to get some air and take some pics.

To all my fellow Canadians,

Happy Thanksgiving,


to the rest of you,

Have a great week,

filled with stimulation, sunshine and surprises.

Later girls,




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