Good morning all, hope you are well.
Happy, healthy and chill.
I have been on vacation for the past,
almost, two weeks,
I had a list of things I wanted,
to do and see, and I have managed most of it.

Caught up on some reading
made a few resolutions as far,
as reading is concerned,
more on that later.

Went to the museum,
went to the movies,
did some walking,
spent time with mom,
with friends.
Read two books,
shredded some papers.
Took lots of pictures,
went to parts of the city,
I don't normally frequent.
Got some air,
got some sun.
Watched a few seasons of,

Mom and I went to the open air museum,
downtown, part of,
Montreal's 375 celebrations,
it was a lot of fun,
but mom had an accident,
she tripped on,
a foot traffic heavy,
hazard laden sidewalk,
could have happened to anyone.
She hurt her wrist,
a bad sprain and has been,
in pain for more than a week.
Ice and Aleve, rest,
it has healed well,
she is almost 100 percent.

My vacation was like...
fun and frustrating,
scary and jubilant,
all at once,
the accident sucked,
and, there are many challenges,
in my life and of those around me,
but, mostly,
I don't have a whole lot,
to complain about.
Not having your dream job,
is not much to complain about,
in a world where people starve,
live in war torn constant fear,
don't know where their next meal,
will come from.
In a world where millions,
have no homes, have no future,
a world of pain and disease.

A few years ago,
when I had my surgery,
it was a big operation,
but, I was expected to make,
a full recovery,
I had no cancer,
after a few months,
all would be well.
It was hard, it was painful.
The last evening I was,
in the hospital,
my best bud was visiting,
she visited everyday I was there,
she helped me walk, very slowly,
and with an old lady stoop,
down the corridor.
I had been in the hospital,
for four days at this point,
but, hadn't walked out of my room.
I didn't have Cancer,
but, I was on a Cancer ward.
As we slowly made our way past,
people's rooms,
I could see many people,
obviously, in pain, despair,
people dying.
It gave me some perspective,
on my pain, my fear.

I made a promise to myself,
that evening, 
back in my bed sweating,
from the exertion,
and the over heated hospital room,
it was February after all.
I vowed to not complain,
over dumb ass things,
to reach for all the good,
I have in my life.

I haven't always succeeded,
I try, hard.

I used to think,
surrounding yourself,
with smart people was,
it is,
but, more important still,
surrounding yourself with,
kind people,
and at this stage of my life,
I would add,
people who try,
to see,
just how lucky,
they-we are.

Be well you all,
enjoy the Summer.
Later girls,

* I mentioned earlier some reading resolutions. I find in the past few years I have been reading less and spending more time on social media, I need to reverse that, I meed to see people more in person, when possible and to read more. While on vacation I have read 2 books and am almost finished a third. I have read at least 10 articles that had been lingering in my articles to read file on my laptop. Social media is great but, concentration and serious reading have to regain their place in my life.
I don't believe my path will be found on Face Book. So, resolutions, start every morning with 30 minutes of reading, a book. End everyday with 30 minutes of reading, a book- carry one with me, always- put away the phone, often. Try... and don't beat myself up when I fail, just try, again*

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