I had a terrific time in Toronto.

Check me out at the Hockey Hall Of Fame.Caroline Filler

I am standing in a replica of The Habs dressing room,

 in front of my all time favorite player’s jersey.

Guy Lafleur, “the flower”

Toronto was great.

My friends were nice enough to take me all over the place.

On Saturday, we went downtown and to Kensington market.         

I got a vintage silk scarf for my mom, at a funky little shop.

Downtown we went book shopping and I picked up a book my friend suggested,

Coffee Will Make You Black.

This was at Glad Day, the gay bookstore.            

A very enjoyable afternoon.

In the evening we went to,

wait for it,


It was fun,

 I never did quite figure out the rules but,

so what,

and I met more nice people.

Sunday we had a lovely breakfast at a place called Edward Levesque’s .

followed by an exploration of the Beaches and a walk on the boardwalk.

The boardwalk runs along Lake Ontario.                            

Wow, no wonder they call them the Great Lakes.

Monday was The Hall and back home on the train.

Toronto made a fabulous impression,

 it’s a big city with lots to see.

Nice neighborhood’s, nice people.

I’ll have to go back.

It took my mind off everything,

and was a genuine escape,

 in the best possible way.

I hope my friends aren’t too exhausted.

Their hospitality was fabulous. Thank you girls.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t read on the train,

 the motion made me a little nauseous when reading.

So, I’ll tell you about Wilde another time.

Later girls


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