Still raining.

Going to Toronto for the weekend.                                              

The weather will hopefully be better there.

I’m looking forward to spending some time with friends,

 and meeting new people.

I won’t be taking my laptop,

 so, no posts for a few days.

I will be reading Wilde,

 on the train so,

 will blog about him upon return.

I will also be letting you all know my impressions of Toronto.

I don’t suppose you really get to know a city in two and a half days.

So, it will be strictly impressions.

I have never been to Toronto.

I’m not one of those people who has a bias against Toronto,

I’m ready to learn and explore.

One thing a have a pre-judgement about,

 The Maple Leafs,

they suck 🙂

In their defense,

 they have nice jerseys.               

Later girls

Have a nice weekend

Reading, or whatever.


One thought on “%1$s”

  1. Hey, Caroline, hope you have a great weekend. Me and mine will be in Montreal Late Tuesday (12) through till late Wednesday. My girl has a meeting, so I’m tagging along for a break. I love bus rides.

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