It really does, been three weeks,
since I wrote a blog post,
it has been,
one year,
today, to the day,
since I had my surgery.

The older I get, it seems time speeds up.
It doesn't,I know,
but it sure feels that way.

The surgery to remove,
most of my lady parts,
the twenty-five pound alien,
who was squatting in and around,
my uterus,

the squatting descriptor I take no credit for,
my friend, Maryse, came up with that one:-)
but, the alien is mine, a giant creature,  about to,
erupt from my abdomen, just like in the movie.

It changed me, the surgery,
it made me feel vulnerable,
it scarred,
scared me,
big time.
Intellectually, I didn't really fear,
but, my fear and hormone fed,
It was a scary time,
the before.
The surgery was much easier,
the surgeons handled that part.

The convalescence,
went well,
some pain, remarkably little,
some discomfort and enforced rest,
which led to boredom,
it's hard to read when you are recovering,
well, it was for me.

I was very careful for months,
no lifting, no carrying,
slightly paranoid about tearing,

It also affected my state of mind.
I wasn't in a bad mood,
I was in a strange land of,
in between,
for lack of a better descriptor.
I felt old and that,
I didn't have much time left,
and, simultaneously,
an incredible thirst for life,
if it was going to be over soon,
I needed to live,
fast and hard.

I feel better now,
I don't want to waste time,
with people,
who suck my energy,
doing things I dislike,
but I am going about things,
at my pace,
which oddly enough,
for a city butch like me,
is a,
look around,
enjoy the scenery,
a walk in the country,
smell the air,
feel the wind on your face, 

Playing, working, being, loving,
waiting for the next great adventure.

so one year post surgery...
time flies,
and life,
goes on.

Be well, 
all of you

Later girls,


6 Replies to “Time flies”

  1. I’ve found that life has matured like great cheese, or aged wine. The best is still to come, so smell the roses, and enjoy life to the full, Sweetie.

  2. I am glad you came through it. ((hugs)) I have now come to believe in this: The adventures of Life: some times fast, sometimes slow, some times awesome and sometimes awful. All of it is … life. And being present for all of it is beyond words. (Maybe that’s why we read.) 😉

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