Thoughts While Having Lunch

Hello all,

another freezing cold,

January day.

I am so sick of,

this pandemic,

so sick of,

not seeing people,

so sick of,

people I know,

being sick.

Add to that,

it being cold,

I know January, duh,

but, really,

I am sick of it.

My morning,

was a series of calls,

of emails.

I spoke with seniors,

people I am in contact,


through work.

They are all so grateful,

for a phone call,

for someone,

checking in on them.

Brings me back,

to how lucky I am.

I work,

I have an amazing home,

an awesome girlfriend,

such good friends,

many of them.

I have community,


my neighbourhood,

and I am sick of it.

I can only imagine,

people stuck at home,


with no one to talk to,

or people stuck at home,

with too many people,

to talk to.

I made lunch,

some soup I made,

a few days ago,

a turkey and pickle sandwhich,

a cup of tea,

listened to music,

on Spotify,

and chastised,


Things are not great,

there are sick people,

all over the world,

and very close to home,

but, we have free healthcare,

and a government,

that has many faults,

but, I don’t think,

one of them,

is not caring.

It’s easy to bitch,

and frankly,

we need to,

a little,


but, ultimately,

we need to be strong,

to be positive,

we need to get through this,


Thanks for listening,

I hope it wasn’t too,


Be well, stay safe, stay warm.

Later girls,


By Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream


  1. Hello from New Zealand, Dunedin, city in the south east of the South Island of NZ….I am a gay woman who is ‘bookish’ to put it mildly….I have loved books since childhood, have studied literatures of various countries, English, French, Italian, South American, etc. To put it simply, I love reading. I love writing ‘letters’ but no one wants letters these days, so emails it is…or whatever I have to adapt to. I would love to be in touch with other gay /lesbian readers….Reading Bernadeine Evaristo andJung Chang at the moment…also Nicholas Shakespeare’s book “Priscilla” about his aunt – the hidden life of an Englishwoman in wartime France…Looking for fellow female readers….who like non-fiction….Cheers, Moya

  2. Hello Moya, welcome from the other side of the world in Canada. I hope you are doing well in the land of Kiwi. I read Nicholas Shakespeare’s biography of Bruce Chatwin years ago.
    I read mostly non-fiction right now, currently reading Everybody by Olivia Laing and the latest collection by Joan Didion published right before her recent death.

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