Hello all.
Hope your holidays have been,
joyful and restful.
I also hope that your year has been,
fulfilling and interesting.
Mine was pretty darn good,
on the whole.

Last year around this date,
I wrote of resolutions,
of new avenues of explorations.
I said that 2017 would be a year,
to search for meaning,
it has been.

I intended to be more involved,
with Projet Montreal,
and to do my bit,
to have our first female mayor elected,
and, yes,
we did it:-)
I had a tiny part to play,
a small contribution,
and I am massively pleased,
with the outcome.
Less so locally here in my 'hood,
but, Big picture,
woo hoo,
as we say here,
Valérie a la Mairie!!
A big highlight for my year, 2017- the year we made history.

I have also spent a lot of time,
exploring faith.
I have been,
attending church,
at St-Jax's,

regularly since late January 2017.
I have learned much.
I have met so many wonderful people.
Faith works for me,
in many ways but, I still,
have tons of questions,
and I have doubt,
I don't see that as a problem,
I don't think my pastor does,
This is why I love my church,
open, modern, 
appreciative of differences,
patient and unorthodox,
they are a quirky bunch,
with big hearts,
and curious minds.

I intend to keep working at it.
In 2018, I will keep attending,
keep reading the bible,
I am almost all the way through it.
Much of it,
confounds and confuses me,
but, I do believe,
the exploration is,
most worthy of my time,
and that,
my search for meaning,
travels down this path.

Last year,
I resolved to read more,
to write more,
both in a deeper,
and more meaningful way.
I have read more slowly,
and I have read things,
that require reflection.
But my words, my voice,
a lot of... silence,
in that area,
I know it will return.

As seems to be the case,
in the past five years,
my job trajectory has been,
I have learned much,
I have been presented,
with many challenges.
I have risen to some,
and declined others.

I must have faith in,
my abilities,
I must trust that things,
will work out and that,
I need to not obsess over,

So 2017,
has been...
a good year.
I really look forward to,
the new one.

I wish you all a wonderful,
New Year.
Many it be filled with,
good health,
good cheer,
and fun.

Happy New Year!
Bring it on!!!

Be well, be strong

Later girls,

p.s this is last years New Year's post

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