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Things have changed -that’s a good thing

Hello all,

it’s a lovely day,

here in my beautiful ugly,

sunny, warm,


Been a good week,

got lots of ideas,


still getting to know,

the wonderful woman,

that serendipity,

put in my path,

I am crazy about her,

happy sigh.

Spent lots of time,

with my mom,

to us togetherness is watching tv, whatever works, works, you know?

Most days,

I get out for two walks,

one in the morning,

one right after dinner.

This morning,

my walk was later than usual,

restless sleep,

slow to get the old engine,


by the time I got walking,

it was past eleven,

I took one of my regular routes,


modified it slightly,

to avoid the parents,with strollers,

went down this street,

kind of a crappy street,

I don’t mind crappy,

and saw this young woman,

sitting on a low stoop,

she was smoking,

the wind in her hair,

wearing shorts,

prominent tattoo,

on her calf,

the word Rex,

beige shorts, black tee,

Blundstone boots,

and hairy legs,

dark hair,

on her head and legs,

she was absolutely,


I wish I could have sneaked,

a photo,

but, that would have been,


the moment would have,


been altered,

forever more.

I smiled at her,

as I passed and kept,


As I kept going down,

the street and turned at,

the corner,

I nodded,

and thought to myself,

things have changed,

and that is a good thing.

Of course,

many women,

feel the need to comform,

to bullshit standards of beauty,

but, this young woman,

and so many of her generation,

seemed free to be,

whatever she wished to be.

Personally, I shave my legs,

when I wear shorts,

because I have dark hair,

and pale legs,

not to mention patchy growth,

so, I shave,

but, perhaps, just perhaps,

I shave because it’s …

the thing to do.

Do I shave because,

even as a butch woman,

with a buzz cut,

I still feel the pressure,

of polite, genteel,


I don’t think so,


who knows?

I applaud you,

young beautiful woman,

with the hairy legs.

You are free.


Have a great day you all,

keep well, keep safe.

Later girls,


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