It’s a grey morning,

the blue is attempting,

this was Saturday, today is gorgeous 

a coup,

we’ll see:-)

Been feeling a little under the weather,

full moon,

whack job customers,

rapid change in temperature,

all have combined,

to make me feel achy and scratchy.

I have found a quasi solution,

a good book.

In Pantagonia,

by Bruce Chatwin.

A fascinating read about a part,

of the world,

I know next to nothing about,

also one,

I’m not very likely,

to ever visit.

You see,

I’m not a traveling butch.

There are those who travel…

Chatwin is of that type,


in love with,

the nomadic concept,

and then,

there are the bookish butches,

of the world,

we read books,

about travel and other things.

I’m not opposed to travel,

quite the opposite,


I’ve never prioritised it,


since I’m not really,

the kind of butch,

who likes to stray,

from material comfort,

too too much,


I’m not independently wealthy,


there you go,

no travel.

It’s not that I need luxury,

I can live off,

beans and kraft dinner,

or ramen noodles,

or burgers,

a simple bed,

good coffee,

a few books,


no hot shower?

lack of basic hygiene?

can’t do it,

well for more than,

two days of fishing:-)

I can do bathing,

in a lake,

a little,


I can even do,

an outhouse,


no bed?

I’m too old,

too grouchy,


too sedentary


After a rough week,


was good,



was even better,

went to the library,

got myself another,


On Black Hill,

a novel,

about twin brothers in Wales,

who have never been,

in their eighty plus years,

further than fifty miles,

should be up,

my sedentary alley:-)

I also got,

Auntie Mame,

’cause I love to read,

about excessive excentrics,

Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russel,

is a movie I love,


her motto,


words to live by,

“life is banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death”

You can live a full robust life,

without travel,

you just need,

a thirst for knowledge,

an open mind,

an active imagination

(augmented by books)

good friends,

a stimulating way of making a living,


the love of a good woman,

lucky me,

I have all of that,

travel and money,

ain’t everything


Later girls,



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