Alice Munro!!!

It was announced yesterday,

that the National Canadian treasure,

that is Alice Munro,

was the winner of the biggest prize in,


Greeted with joy and applause,

by those assembled to cover the announcement.

The Nobel commitee,

described Mrs Munro,

as a ‘master of the contemporary story’

at 82,

the great Alice is,


the greatest living practitioner,

of the short story format,

often compared to the greats,

of this form,

Checkhov, De Maupassant, Hemingway, Carver,

she is as good,

a writer’s writer,

as Margaret Atwood writes in an appreciation,

written in the 90’s,

‘Alice is the kind of writer who other writers speak of in hushed tones’

The prize announcement brought,

universal praise,

no controversy.

In recent years,

some Nobel choices have been,

seen as,


Nothing about this choice is political,

no agenda in giving this prize,

to a Canadian


it is simply,


for a lifetime of great writing.

So well deserved.

This filled my with joy.

If you haven’t read,

Alice Munro,

you must.

A fellow blogger,

Buried in Print,

(one of the best book blogs out there)

can tell you a thing or two about Munro,


so can,

Jonathan Franzen

and so many others,

just google it,

and, most of this was written, before, she received, the prize !!!

Later girls,


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