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the road, the journey: part…

Hello all, hope all is well with all of you.

I am better, was a tough week, emotionally,

but, a long walk in the cold yesterday,

some inspiring reading and,


on this beautiful Sunday,

has really helped.

Oxygen and conversation tend to really,

help me get back on track.

I feel better, rejuvenated.

It’s been hard and more than a little bit,


my mom’s stroke.

Brings up so many questions,

burried fears,

a slap in the face from,


the passing of time,

of years.

My mom is better,

everyday a little stronger,

everyday a little more herself,

and a little more wanting,

to take back,

control of her life,

which is fabulous.

I have to tame my fears,

let her be,

let her live her life,

all the while…helping,

and getting back to my life,


Those of you who know me,

those of you who don’t,

but, who read my blog,

know that the last few years,

have been transformative,

I have searched and taken,

a bunch of different paths,

I have done some ‘teaching’,

some writing,

some talking,

tons of reading and research,

and hours and hours,

of praying and contemplation.

I have felt God guiding me,

shaking me, sometimes gently,

sometimes more vigorously.

I was guided to St-jax’s,

to the community, the friends,

the family that I have found there.

I have also met inspiring,

dedicated people,

in many other parts of the church,

fellow travelers on the journey,

I have considered,

what my role,

in the church,

in the world,

might be.

I have a few ideas,

and I feel very much,


I will keep on learning,



Thank you all for reading,


for your support,

it means more than I can say.

Be well you all.

Later girls,


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