There was a time,

I would see,

all the,

Oscar nominated films.

I would get excited,

and ,

fill out,

winner prediction grids,

in the newspaper.

I would read,

movie magazines,

the trashy,

the serious.

This year,

I almost didn’t watch,

The Oscars,

it would have been the first,

I missed,

 in— thirty years?

But, in the end,

I did,

I’m glad I did,

Anne Hathaway,


James Franco,

did a good job.

and I wanted to see if Incendie would win, alas it did not(:

I had only seen,

one of,

the nominated movies,

Black Swan,

which I,

didn’t like very much.

I probably wouldn’t,

have seen it,

if it hadn’t,

been my dates choice.

I still love movies,

I will always love movies.


like books,

formed my imagination,

helped me see the world,

as it was,

as it should be.

One part of the Oscars,

I look forward to,

weirdly enough,

is the,

In Memoriam,


What’s next? reading obituaries, BB is getting old—- well, older anyway.

In Memoriam,

is a visual tibute,

to those who have gone.

When, you see Hepburn, Malden, Neal,

on the screen you say,

oh well, they were old,

nice long life,


when you see someone,

up there,

who for years has been frozen,

at 38 in your memory,

it’s a shock.

This year it was,

Jill Clayburgh.

Jill Clayburgh,

was a big star,

late 70.s,

early 80.s,

she was twice nominated,

and gave,

a seminal performance,

in Paul Mazursky’s,

An Unmaried Woman.

A feminist movie,


for Hollywood.

I loved Jill Clayburgh,

she was classy,

she was brainy,

she was sexy.

I didn’t even know,

she died,


good thing,

I watched.

Here is a small visual tribute,

to the great actresses of her era,

plucky broads one and all.

Jill Clayburgh, gone too soon. An Unmaried Woman, is a must see.

Sally Field, still around and appearing in Brothers and Sisters, on television. Here in Norma Rae her first Oscar.  A great movie.

Jane Fonda. Klute, Coming Home, On Golden Pond. Tough, political and controversial.

There are many fine actresses in all eras,

these were the models,

of  my childhood.

Tough, uncompromising, women.

One thing about the Oscars,

they make you nostalgic:-)

Later girls,


2 Replies to “The Oscars, and nostalgia”

  1. I am probably far too much of a literalist, but is it possible for a woman to have a seminal role? (I always struggle with this one — hysterical doesn’t quite have the positive connotation as seminal, does it?!)

    I always enjoy your posts, btw. Thanks for being out there!

  2. I meant it in this sense, highly original and influencing the development of future events: a seminal artist; seminal ideas.
    but, point taken:-) Words and their meanings, an ongoing discussion, huh? Thanks for the feedback and kind words.

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