The ones I carry in my head and heart

Weather = Nothing to complain about.

I’m still in a book slump.

Everything I have in my TBR pile is either too serious,

I’m not in a serious kind of a mood,

Or really,


 sort of boring,

 I guess.

So, I thought I would improvise and tell you all about about some of my favourite characters.

Also, if you share my point of view,

 or even better,


perhaps you can share.

OK ,

so off the top of my head:

Holden Caulfield in The Catcher In The Rye.

I know, I know,

 seems like an obvious choice,

 but, hey,

 I always liked him,

 he’s profoundly human in a warts and all, kind of a way.

 Misunderstood and smart ass a winning combination, 

so real .


Harriet, of  Harriet The Spy, again, very human,

 who couldn’t love an eight year old budding spy/writer?

 I read this book when I was well over thirty and I felt and fell  for Harriet,

although sometimes she was a bit of a dweeb,

 aren’t we all,


Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird,

 because he is what I would like to be like,

when I grow up.


 one of the most honourable characters in fiction.

Jo March of  Little Women,

 I love Jo,

 I love everything about Jo, including her name.

She is smart and good and selfless and yet,

sooo much fun, the original tomboy.

She has flaws, but, minor ,compared to her spunk.

Love that girl.

 I like to think today,

 Jo would grow up to be a kickass queer girl.

Sidney Carlton of  A Tale Of Two Cities,

 the man gives his life for the woman he loves.

You know I always thought Dickens’ books were too long,

 a case of being paid by the word.

A Tale Of Two Cities was  just the right lenght.

That character left quite an impression on a fifteen year old.

He really rises to the occasion.

Recently, I read Stone Butch Blues,

it left a big impression.

Jess, the main character is so strong.

She suffers and she perseveres.

A quietly determined and dignified character.

She gets kicked in the face and stands up,

 again and again.

She just wants to live her life.

Not attitude,

 just, the right to be.


For those of you who didn’t read it,

do yourself a favour and do.

Well, those are some of my favourites.

I’m sure I could add many more but, I’m tired.

Later girls


Author: Bookish Butch

I am a bookish butch in my mid early fifties. I live in Montréal and always have. I used to run a small used bookstore. Reading keeps me sane. My latest jiggie is photography, book project in the works, living the dream

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