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The myths we feed

Good afternoon you all,

it’s Sunday late afternoon here in,

my beautiful ugly.

We have had roasting hot weather,

this week,

sweltering and brutal.

Mom and I have been relatively ok,

we stay indoors in the AC.

The days are a little boring,

and working from home,

in a smallish place,

is a challenge,

but, what you gonna do:-)

We have a home,

good food,

AC, health and each other,

that is much more,

than many,


I have been thinking a lot,


racism, privilege, and national myths,


I suspect many of you have,

as well.

The horror that is race relations,

south of the border,

has a tendency to bring out,

the smug in us,


We are so busy looking at,

the shit show that is,

the Trump presidency,


everything we love,

about our neighbours,

and let us not kid ourselves, we love plenty about, our American neighbours/cousins.

seems to be melting,

like the north pole with global warming.

But it isn’t,

millions of Americans,

are incensed, saddened and furious,

about the state of their democracy.

And want to take it back…

Millions more believe,

that making America great again,

means crushing the hopes of people,

means halting immigration,

to millions of people it means,

keeping America,


But, America is not white,

America is a tapestry,

that goes,

from soft pink to ebony black,

with every shade of warm earth tone,

in between.

At this point in American history,

good people need to rise up,

protest, vote and if need be,

revolt, snatch the power from,

the few who enslave and manipulate.

We, Canadians,

do not face the gun violence,

the lack of safety nets,

we have state health care,

and so many other wonderful things.

But, if we believe that all Canadians,

are treated equally before the law,

that all Canadians receive,

the same quality of education,

and I mean public education,

they are maintaining and feeding,

the myths that we are not racists,

that we all have equal opportunity,

that the military and the police,

work for us.

The myth that women,

have equal rights,

the myth that there is no racial profiling,

and that indigenous girls and women,

just disappear,

All nations,

all people have myths,

about our nobility,

by which we mean superiority,

and we need to get real.

Myths are great stories,

we tell ourselves,

and they are just that,


We need to change the world narrative.

We need to get freaking real.

Therein endeth the rant.

to be continued

Be well you all,

stay safe, stay hydrated, wear your mask.

Later girls,


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If we indeed had equal rights, I would not be crying for the last two days about the fate of my sisters who’s testimonies I have been reading on the “Hyennes en jupons” page on FB and who’s words have broken my heart… :'(

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