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The Last day of the Year

Good morning all, well, it’s here,

the last day of the year.

I hope your year has been wonderful and,

if it hasn’t been,

I hope you have grown.

I, have had a year of ups and downs,

but the ups,

far outnumber the downs.

It has been a year of learning,

and learning is often,


But, I’m here

Good times and bum times
I’ve seen them all and, my dear
I’m still here
Plush velvet sometimes
Sometimes just pretzels and beer
But I’m here -Stephen Sondheim from Follies

I am not old, I am middle aged.

I have lots to look forward to,

in my life,

career wise,

faith wise,

and, I have support of my family,

of my friends,

I am privileged and I know it.

I want to wish all of you,

love, support, dreams and laughs,

but, most of all I wish to all of you,

joy, peace.

In a few hours, it will be New Year.

May the New Year be all that you need.

Resolve or forgiveness,

hard work or rest.

We all are at different points,

in our journeys.

Thank you all for being a part of mine

Be well,

Happy 2019

Later girls,


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