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The Hard Stuff


I pick up mom’s ashes from,

the funeral home.

That is,

the hard stuff.

It’s a grey rainy day,

I am full of emotion,

feel on the edge of tears,

I have for days.

I don’t cry much,

it’s hard for me.

But, doing this,

the funeral home,

the phone calls,

the arrangments,

this is hard stuff,

but, my mom did,

the hard stuff,


with grace and class,

and the best she could,


and so do I.

She taught me that,

by example.

She was a great role model,

of what was right,

what you needed to do,

and of standing tall,

of doing the right thing,

not the easy thing,

of being true to,


This is hard,

so hard,


I will do it-

for mom.

Later girls,


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