Today was a nice day,

weather good,

sales very good,


no complaints,

and yet,

all day,

I felt as if I wanted,

to crawl out of my skin.


sort of,

upcoming sidewalk sale?

sort of,

persistent insomnia over the past week?

sort of,


I’ll tell ya,

I think it’s,

the full moon.

At least,

that’s my story,

and I’m sticking to it:-)

I’ve always believed,

in the power of,

the full moon,

you can’t work,

in constant contact,

with the public,


not believe,


in the last few years,

I have seen,

it affect my moods,

more and more.

The weird part is,

I love the full moon,

I stand out on the balcony,

and admire it,

the light,

the beauty,

the mystery,

the romance of it,

if only,

it didn’t,

turn me into,

a raving,

I’m not sure,


some months,

a bundle of insecurities,

some months,

a b**** on wheels,

some months it has,

no discernible affect,

on me,


drives my customers,


which is,


I love the full moon,

I just wish,

it would be easier,

on me.


I’m off to do,

a little howling.

Later girls,


4 Replies to “The full moon, turns me into….”

  1. I once had a theory about the full moon, very scientific, involving gravitational pull and the level of iron in one’s blood. The premise was that, depending on activity levels (physical, cerebral or otherwise), whichever part of one’s anatomy was particular infused with red cells at the peak time would experience extraordinary activity. Never empirically tested, I’m afraid. Care to volunteer?

  2. Oh no, no bloodletting. That would only weaken the essential elements. My preferred method of testing would only involve magnets, dim lighting, soft probes and gentle oscillators – all in the interests of science, of course.

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