During the Stanley Cup playoffs, there are two teams who should never be counted out – the defending champions, and the Montreal Canadians” – The Great One , Wayne Gretzky.

I hope you noted,

I’m not saying this,

Wayne Gretzky is.


the Greatest hockey player,

that ever lived,

Gretzky is The Great One,

after all:-)

You must have gathered.

The Habs won last night,

3-1 against the Bruins,

in Boston,


On paper,

Boston is a better team,

too bad they don’t play hockey on paper:-)

In the history,

of playoff play,

we have met,

the Bruins 32 times,

they have won 8 times,

they are often the better team,

on paper,

musn’t get cocky, but, must believe it is essential.

In the Seventies,

which is as far back,

as I can remember,

we had great teams,

they had great teams,

they had Bobby Orr,

and Phil Esposito,

we had Lafleur,

and Ken Dryden,

we were the Flying Frenchmen,

1977 Guy LaFleur Montreal Canadiens Sports Illustrated

wooden sticks, no helmets,

blood and guts hockey,

I approve of helmets and visors, safety is important, I hate those new sticks always broken, supposedly they are unbreakable, yeah right.

Nowadays, not so many,


playing for the team,

most of our best players,

are American, Russian, or, Czech,


so what,

they are still our team.

French players,

English players,

Swedish players,

Finnish players,

all are part of the Habs,



The Habs,


But, to me they are,

The Flying Frenchmen,

a nickname I forgot to mention last time, also as far as Habs is concerned, you will notice, there is an H in the logo, legend says it is because of the Habs moniker, but, legend is legend, not history still, makes sense:-)

My two all time favourites,

Guy Lafleur, The Flower, the most exciting hockey player, I have ever seen.

Patrick Roy-The Greatest goaltender ever, a miracle performing player. He won two Stanley cups for The Habs and they were by no means legendary teams, he is both history and legend, he is also a little bit crazy, he’s a goalie:-) 

I am going to the library later,

so you will get a break from,


I promise I’ll talk books,

I actually have stuff to,


about something,

other than hockey,


Later girls,


4 Replies to “The Flying Frenchmen and The Big, Bad, Bruins”

  1. Your love of and knowledge about your Habs makes me realize that where sports fandom is concerned, I am a dilettante:-)…

    Your enthusiasm almost makes me want to watch…too bad the puck isn’t bigger:-)

    Carry on w/your playoff enjoyment…

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