Last night, I was going through my bookshelf looking for

The Elements Of Style by Strunk and White.

I bought this book for a College English class years ago.

It was obligatory.

It is a small book about the elementary rules of usage.

Originally written in the early twentieth century,

 by an English professor at Cornell,

William Strunk Jr.

The version I have is revised and augmented by E.B White,

 the author of Charlotte’s Web and a New Yorker contributor for many years.

It is a Tiny little paperback and invaluable.

Every Time I open it,

 even randomly,

 I learn something.

I’m not sure the Professor would approve of strangely punctuated blogs,

but, hey.

“Autre Temps, Autre Moeurs”

Looking through,

or perhaps just at, the little book,

 sent me into a reverie about style.

Everybody has style or a style.

With some people it is not readily apparent.

For instance I never wear black shoes.

 Who would notice this, unless I mention it or,

 they accompany me on a shoe shopping trip.

I cannot remember a time,

 when there has not been,

 at least,

 one blue oxford cloth shirt in my closet.

Over the years,

there have been Ralph Lauren’s, Lacoste and even The Gap.

For the last five years,

 perhaps more,

 they have been L.L Bean.

In fact most of my shirts are.

Decent prices,

sizes that fit and ,

“normal” colours.

Plus, they do Plaid even when it is not in style.

For years I longed for a pair of Blundstone boots,

because nothing says Butch like Blundstone.

The company should use that as a slogan!

I bought a pair last November,

I have worn no other shoes since.

Through the rain, the snow, the heatwaves, everything.

I take better care of them than any other item I have ever owned.


I clean, polish and condition them every week.

I think I can safely say I moisturize them more than my face. 🙂

I always had a thing for watches.

I wear no other jewellery to speak of.

Ten years ago, I discovered aluminum Swatch watches.

They look like stainless steel but they weigh practically nothing.

The reason I got the first one is they don’t turn my arm green.

People who use their cellphone as a timekeeper, freak me out.

The point of this rambling and quasi advertisement, is that,

we all have style.

What we wear, what we read, what we watch and who we love,

 says much about

who we are.

Later girls


One thought on “%1$s”

  1. No black shoes?! What do you wear with suits?! Tsk, tsk. (What would a post on butch style be without a femme to rib you about it? 😉 )

    Also, I loved this line: “What we wear, what we read, what we watch and who we love,
    says much about who we are.” So lovely.

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