Thank you, London

Just finished watching,

the closing ceremonies,

typifies the British,

original, excentric and eclectic,

an impressive display of British pop and rock music.

From Ray Davies singing Waterloo Sunset,


The Spice Girls in an impressive number,

that had them all riding on top of cars,

Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here,

with a brilliant high wire act,

that ends in a recreation of their iconic,

album cover from 1975,

To the crazy Eric Idle,

of Monthy Python fame,


Always look on the bright side of life.

A video of John Lennon,


Freddie Mercury,

and to top it off,

The Who,

my generation,

which applies to all generations,



Terrific show,

a celebration of British culture,

as the opening ceremony,

was a tribute to it’s,





to the world.

Bravo, ‘cousins’,

well done!!!

Oh and if I can finish on a ‘homer’ note,

our flag bearer??

Two guesses??

Could have been Rosie McLelland,

who won our only gold,

or Emilie Heynmans,

who has won a medal in four Olympics in diving,

the only woman ever to do that


other worthy candidates,


for Canada,

the greatest example of determination and perseverance??

The women’s soccer team,

of course,

so, who better,

than our Captain,

Christine ‘Sincy’ Sinclair,

Wearing Canadian Denim,


a million dollar smile,

and exemplifying,

all that the Olympics mean.

Thank you London


Hope all of you enjoyed it:-)

Later girls,





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2 thoughts on “Thank you, London”

  1. Agreed! A great closing ceremony!

    I didn’t get to see the very end of the ceremony because the jackasses at NBC decided to show some idiotic sit-com for an hour at the end and then go back to show the Who. Can you believe that? It was already 11pm on a Sunday night. Beyond irritating.

    LOVED that Christine Sinclair carried the flag, loved it!. She looked fantastic!

  2. It was a terrific show, too bad you don’t get Canadian coverage:-P Christine did look good huh? Denim, smile, quiet Canadian self-confidence, love that woman, so proud in every way, swoon:-)

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