Putting an end to a reading drought

Well, it’s a new year, and, I need to get back into, creative, and, thinking, mode. I have, lots of pre-occupations, but, sitting around in a daze, in front of the computer, distractedly gazing at, face book, isn’t going to help, or make things, magically fall into place, reading won’t either, but, it will keep… Continue reading Putting an end to a reading drought

Imperative? Yeah, Imperative

I’m feeling, a little bit, lethargic, could be the heat, could be, coming down, after a blissful visit, with my lady, could be… <sigh> Lately, I feel unmotivated, it’s bound to pass, must keep on keeping on:-) When I’m tired, lethargic, hormonal, I ask myself, too many, questions, I hear yeah, ‘But BB how is… Continue reading Imperative? Yeah, Imperative