Venus Magazine, the Summer issue

Good morning girls, looks like, we have, the fixings, of a nice day:-) Just wanted to tell, you all, about the latest edition, of, Venus Magazine, as usual, well worth the detour, attractive, and, thought provoking, winning combo, don’t miss it. Talk to you all, later, girls, BB

Latest issue Venus Magazine, check it out

It’s here, the latest installment of, Venus Magazine!! check it out and comment, I happen to know, a certain old-fashioned butch, who has a column, and she’s running a survey, so think about it:-) Much to read, much to admire, the art work is, awesome, and the editorial staff, has, as per usual, done… Continue reading Latest issue Venus Magazine, check it out

The Venus Magazine, Inaugural Issue I can’t tell you how proud I am, to contribute to this interesting and diverse publication!! See if you can figure out my contributions, hint: one under my real name, one under a pseudonym, that might, ring a bell. I want to thank Alexandra Wolfe, for giving me a chance, to expand my writing… Continue reading The Venus Magazine, Inaugural Issue