Library visit

It’s still cold,  but less so. My lips hurt less, look worse,  but, hurt less. The Habs won last night, high five!! I am afraid I won’t be reading The Mere Future,  for the book club, because I am disbanding the book club. I have decided to join Cass, Amy and many others, for GLBTQ challenge… Continue reading Library visit

Desert Island Books

What books would I want to have on a desert island? I have always found that to be a interesting game to play with myself. In a perfect world, fantasy world that is, I would land on an island populated sparsely,  with women. I would wash on to the beach,  closely followed by my giant steamer trunk,  … Continue reading Desert Island Books

The Narrow Corner

Short, therefore, is man’s life, and narrow is the corner of the earth wherein he dwells. Well, I finished The Narrow Corner by Somerset Maugham.  It was good. It takes place in the south sea islands and provides an astute analysis of human nature,  as always with Maugham.  How love can be treacherous and unrequited. Not exactly… Continue reading The Narrow Corner

Finding comfort in old “Friends”

I’m trying not to feel down but, I’m not really succeeding. Yesterday, I went to the Grande Bibliotheque. I visit every 3 weeks or so. I got a Henning Mankel for my mom, she loves his stuff,  me?  not so much. I went with my friend Sylvain he explored and so did I. I’ve already… Continue reading Finding comfort in old “Friends”